Acne? Pigmentation? or Prematurely Aged Skin

You deserve great skin. Whether its Adult Acne, Rhino hide or Sensitized Skin, whatever your concern, we have SERIOUS skin Solutions to meet your need and budget. We proudly stock Optiphi and Environ. Our Treatments begin with a thorough Consultation to design your solution. Thereafter leave it to our team of Expert Skin Therapists to start your skin journey to happy, healthier fit skin.


Are you STRESSED or in pain?

Our expert therapists are trained in Sports Massage, Facilitated Stretching and Trigger Point Therapy. The combination of these techniques allows up to change the way your body feels. This is our SIGNATURE technique. If you prefer a combination of Swedish massage with hot stones we are able to customize your experience.


Client REWARDS Program!

Retail Rewards : Our Rewards Program works on a point system. Different products have different points allocations. Accumulate 24 points over a period of 12 months to receive R 400 back redeemable against products or services.

Referral Rewards : We love referred business. Send us 5 of your friends and we’ll reward you with either a 60 minute signature massage or a Mini Optiphi Peel.

*T & C’s to this program








Calling all Executive Men..Are you Groomed for the Boardroom?

Men in the corporate world face the challenge to look their best everyday and many of them would be glad to have a little help. As a man climbs the corporate ladder, the pressure to look good increases. After all, nothing goes better with a suit and tie than rejuvenated and wrinkle-free skin. Our services include: Customized Shaves , Facial waxing/threading, Body Shearing/waxing.


Tailor-made treatments for the executive men. Introducing the New Dermalogica Shave Range! Change the way you shave and the way your skin feels. It’s everything a man’s skin needs »


Ladies, come and finally satisfy your curiosity! Well we’re encouraging the wives and partners of our existing clients to come in and take advantage of our services »


The Moment Your Skin Changed. Forever.

Dermalogica is the number one choice of skin care professionals and consumers worldwide »



Begin 2014 with luminous, photo finished, rejuvenated skin»»