optiphi - Body Curve Cleanse + Shave

Body Curve Shaving System

An innovative & scientific approach to shaving.

Did you know that most shaving related skin concerns are not caused by the razor but are the result of inadequate skin preparation and post shave care?

optiphi formulated a two-step, easy and convenient system, to incorporate into your daily shaving routine to improve the shaving experience and reduce trauma to the skin during a shave. To fit into our fast-paced lives, the two step system can alternatively be used as a cleanser and moisturizer as a daily skincare regime.

‘Trauma associated with poor shaving techniques, inferior products and lack of regular skin care conspire to diminishing the skin barrier, which creates a further challenge to skin ® health.’ Head of Formulations, optiphi Research & Development.

Skin issues associated with poor hair removal approaches are common and include, irritation, razor burn, even nicks and cuts from grooming as well as trapped or ingrown hairs.
The two-step system specifically targets the skin issues by focussing on shaving in the following way.

optiphi - Body Curve Cleanse + Shave1. Pre-Shave preparation

The first consideration in pre-shave preparation is to reduce the hair cutting force required, which directly translates in improved shaving comfort.

The force required to cut a hair decreases dramatically as hydration increases. The second consideration is exfoliation, to prepare the skin and hair for the shave, creating a smooth shaving surface.

optiphi - Body Curve Post Shave2. Post-shave treatment

The post-shave focus addresses skin hydration to target razor traumatized skin, while emollients concentrate on protection and lubrication, leaving the skin smooth and soft to minimize razor-related skin problems. Barrier restoration is another key focus after the process of shaving is completed.

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