Hair removal and Skin Rejuvenation…

Every second advert in a magazine or on TV promises a product which offers eternal youth!!! If you were to calculate how much money you had spent on expensive creams and lotions in the past 10 years, it would probably amount to a small fortune!  The thing is, cosmetics are only able to penetrate the epidermis (outside, dead layer) of skin.  To get to the root of the problem, you need to use technology…. And why not go for the most advanced technology available if you can?  And that is laser!

But, when you hear the word laser, you think PAIN right?  At  MEG we believe you deserve the best and so we are happy to offer a breakthrough, clinically proven PAINLESS Hair Reduction laser treatment called Optima 518 Active .It’s simple and fast and you can even have it done during lunch. Smooth, blemish free skin is possible….  Additionally, at MEG we offer Optima 518  Painless Laser Treatment for permanent hair reduction and skin rejuvenation

Worried about getting burnt, scarring, marking?  The Optima 518 laser is the safest form of light based therapy available.  In fact, it is 5 times safer AND 7 times more effective than ANY OTHER light based treatments available.  The Optima 518 laser is one of the only lasers which can safely work on skin types 1 to 5, which in lay-mans terms means lighter and darker skin types.

Worried about the credentials of our Laser Technician?

Our Team of therapist have 20 plus years in the industry and working safely within the lasers treatment scope is our first priority. Rest assured that we choose safety over a quick result and would rather work more carefully than rush the result but harm your skin.

How many treatments will you need to permanently get rid of your problem?  Between 6 to 10 treatments, every 4 weeks.  There is no down-time after your treatment or post treatment trauma to the skin and no need for pre-treatment anesthetics or cooling gels.  The treatment itself is quick and painless – a full back takes only 20 minutes, full face only 7 minutes and you look amazing afterwards!!

One last thing – the Optima 518 laser treats every application simultaneously, so if you have hair, wrinkles, acne, scarring, pigmentation on your face – the Optima 518 laser will address all of those problems during the treatment – not just your wrinkles!

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