July holidays have come and gone and so has the half way mark to this year. (Yikes , where has the time gone?) I had the privilege of witnessing Kate in action this past month as she presented to a corporate on the “Power of TOUCH”! Her topic had such a profound impact on me. I am after‐all a therapist to the heart. I of all people know the power of touch but what I had forgotten is how social networking, smart phones and modern technology have impacted the quality of touch I have with my loved ones. I went home and made a conscience decision to change a few things that I knew I was a guilty of. I hope you enjoy her insert this month as much as I did.. and that you too, take some of it on board. Naturally it lends itself to our “POWER OF TOUCH” theme for August! We cannot wait to treat you to our sensory haven experience! Read More


I am so excited at the year ahead. I cannot believe that we are half way through March and almost finished our first quarter of the year. I personally have had an interesting start to the year with learning the art of master juggler: Doting wife, Loving mother and Business woman. I never imagined that I would ever be able to get it all in. Like anything new, it takes a period of adjustment but I am pleased to report that I am well into the swing of things. I have a new found respect for working moms. Read More



Greetings from the MEG flight deck!

Aaah February, the month of more LOVE! Some love it. Some ignore it. Some simply forget about it. As 80% of our patrons are men, we know that the majority of you are too busy to even consider acknowledging this one day and most of you openly admit that it’s just the retailers way of increasing sales. Some take the stance of “you should show your significant other that you love her every day!”. Read More

MEG Valentine specials


MEG Newsletter - November

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MEG Newsletter October

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Our time to finally move out of the basement and into the sunshine! MEG’s relocation and launch of its brand-new store happens this month- Hip hip hooray! I know some of you will miss our current space…. I’m sure you’ll agree that it has served us well!

Often there are moments I find myself reminiscing at the early days where you all quite liked disappearing below ground (looking all rugged and unkept ) and mysteriously re-appearing all polished. Now you simply always just look good! And there is no need to disappear below ground as we have done our job well and you have all been educated in the art of fine grooming and total body wellness!

However with that being said, you are all as ready as what we are, for our new chapter and I just know you are going to LOVE the fresh new look of our new store. We have views of the lake, natural light and wonderful neighbours and easy shop visibility. It is everything that we have dreamed of and I cannot wait to rejoice with all of you, our loyal Patrons.

For the record our new address is:
Mayfair on the Lake
Ground floor
2 The High Street
Umhlanga Ridge

We will drop you a mail with directions and our exact date of relocation closer to the time so keep your eye on your inbox.

Improved Daylight Defence System : protect against your skins worst enemy
With it being October and summer knocking on our door we are thrilled to share with you the new addition to the Dermalogica Skin Line. There has been a reclassification of SPF’s do’s and don’ts and in keeping with the FDA’s requirements Dermalogica has upgraded and improved their already awesome Solar Defence segment line.

The new UV smart Booster technology delivers antioxidants C and E upon exposure thereby
protecting the skin from harmful UV rays. Oleosome Technology are naturally- occurring moisture- rich spheres which deliver sunscreen agents directly to the skin and release them over time for maximum protection. This technology allows us to increase SPF performance while actually using fewer chemical sunscreens, resulting in a product that is even less likely to cause sensitivity.

We all know that UV rays wreak havoc upon your skin , resulting in collagen & elastin breakdown (wrinkles) not to mention hyper pigmentation and loss of elasticity (sagging skins). As if this structural damage is not enough, unprotected UV exposure is directly linked to an increased risk of skin cancers. 1 in 3 cancers diagnosed each year are skin cancers! Dermalogica’s Daylight Defence system has an elegant texture to it that wears like a moisturiser and there is a choice for every type of skin concern. There is no longer an excuse as we have choice for your every need.


We have an incredible gift with purchase this month : when you purchase one of the new SPF’s and one other full size Dermalogica product you receive a gift of a Multivitamin Body Block SPF 20 or Waterblock Solar Spray SPF 30 (worth R450 each). We have limited stock available on this special please hurry and take advantage of this awesome deal.


Volume 7, Issue 1 13.01.2012


If you are reading this newsletter, chances are you are back in the office and your December holiday is starting to fade into the distant past.
The reality of the looming year is beginning to hit home and you are probably thinking- when can I schedule in my next break away ? Where are all the public holidays and what am I going to do about the extra holes I had to add to my belt this morning?

Well , a very warm welcome to you! The team and I are on fire for 2012 . We have already had our strategic planning, marketing calendars are in place and goals have been set! This ship has set its course and we are thrilled to share some key features with you for this up coming year.

Firstly we are pleased to welcome Ayesha Kajee onto our permanent staff . Ayesha joined us a part time therapist last year and we are all too delighted that you loved her work so much , that we have offered her a permanent position within our team. Her mandate is somewhat different in that she will focus her talents on building our ” Executive Ladies Club”. She is particularly great with them and teenagers (the fastest growing segment in our industry) .We would like to encourage you to support her in this effort. If you have teenagers that require skin care and grooming, please consider MEG. We will also have a specific pricing to meet the teenage skin budget.

Losing our focus?……Never!!

So I guess you are wondering if we are losing our focus? And moving towards your average “beauty salon”, offering services to men and woman alike and before long the pink fluffy cushions and rose petals are going to appear as everyday apparel in your favorite Specialist Skin Center?
Over my dead body!

We know that our formula has worked for you in the past. Why change what has worked for us? All that I am doing is slightly shifting our positioning to a specialist skin center…. MEG : The Skin and Body Experts: Specializing in Men’s Grooming, problematic skin disorders and sports massage.

So you gents will always be our core focus, we simply will not shy away from problematic skins (adult acne, pigmentation and aging) be it in either of the sexes. Our skin center look and feel will remain as is. (We know you like it)

Part of the thinking behind ‘the shift in positioning’ has to do with our new location. We will be rubbing shoulders with Durban’s finest doctors and specialists. Leaving us open to welcome any referred business as we are still on track for our May move to Durban North and I am so very excited for all the awesome amenities our new premises will offer you all.

We are sill looking for a dynamic Dermatologist to join the practice, please refer any enquiries to me 


The industry as a whole is taking some interesting leaps within the Anti Ageing technology realm. Dermalogica is launching another addition to its “Age Smart line” this February. And we are still working excitedly with our Bio Therapeutic Anti Ageing Skin Smart machinery. Micro current and ultra sonic currents are rapidly changing the outcome of our treatments efficacy. If you have not experienced our new Smart Technology, you are missing out hugely!


BT Micro an add-on to any of your treatments
That is why we have focused our January special around getting every one of you to enjoy BT Micro as an add-on to any of your treatments.
Why would you want Micro current technology in your treatments? Well to put it simply: it keeps your skin functioning like an energetic teenager’s one. Revitalized, plumped and line free!

Ask your favorite therapist to include it in your skin treatment, massage, mani or pedi… Or even waxing.
You have everything to gain and nothing to loose, except your newly acquired increased girth size from all the yummy Christmas indulgences!

I’ll check in with you all more regularly as we progress with our building project. I want to thank you all in advance for all your support. We are so excited to be taking on this year with both hands. We plan to grow from strength to strength and our new premises will be the proof in the pudding!

Here’s to all of you this fine year. May all your businesses thrive and may 2012 be a year of abundant favor in your working and personal lives.

special January 2012 skin treatment, massage, mani or pedi

Warm Regards,
Shana Giessing


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