NEWSLETTER – December 2019

Vol. 14 Issue. 17

Dearest Patrons,

As 2019 comes to a close, I reflect on an interesting and most fruitful year. We celebrate some massive milestones like introducing Laser rejuvenation, Platinum Micro Needling rejuvenation, Epilfree Permanent hair removal and the introduction of DNA Genetic Testing with Optiphi and Rawbiotics ,Pro Biotics. Environ launched its new Acne solutions “Focus Clarity” system which has been an absolute hit amongst our Acne sufferers.

In our pursuit of offering only the best solutions, we brought in our injury expert ,Daine Smit, who has assessed and worked many a broken body back to health and strength. If you have an injury and require a functional assessment and treatment / exercise solution, please consider the expert advice from Daine. He approaches injuries very holistically and expertly. Often a soft tissue / massage session can include exercise advice, taping and rehabilitation etc… #NotYourNormalExperience

In the Press

For those of you who heard our #MEGGameChanger campaign on ECR Drive show… you would of heard how we changed the lives of 3 people. With our partners Optiphi Skin Rejuvenation , we were able to impact and transform their skins, bodies and lifestyles. By understanding intrinsic factors of DNA Genetic coding feedback and marrying that extrinsically by using powerful skin care and professional treatments ,we have been able to radically change their skins and bodies.

Follow the journey by liking and following our Face Book page : MEG Skin and Body Experts #MEGGameChanger

I was reminded through this process how high we “set our bar”. I never wanted to be an ordinary skin care centre. The vison is and has been to continually redefine the latest and safest treatment solutions available to us. I believe that this tool of Genetic coding really allows us such wonderful insight and an “unfair advantage” to how we can and could express our genes. This in turn allows us to be proactive in how we look after ourselves.

What a wonderful tool to have at our finger tips. If you are interested in having your test done. Please connect with us and come and get a test kit.

Birthday Celebrations

We celebrate 14 Years in business this December and I am always in awe of your faithful following and support of our brand. Thank you so very much for choosing us. Please continue to share the M.E.G brand with your friends and loved ones.

…Instore find a wonderful gift hamper , to make it yours, simply pop your business card into the vase and allow us to take a pic with you or pop onto Google and rate our practice.. We have put together a complete Skin and Body care solution (worth R5500 ) to aid in encouraging you to book a session this season (as if you need a reason to come to your favourite skin and body centre?) The winner will be announced on 17 December …

Staff Appointments

Terina James joined us as a full time front desk administrator and has brought a “joyous order” to our business. What a blessing she has been indeed. We are thrilled to have her on board and I am sure that you will feel her impact on our business as she applies her highly skilled talents in our practice.

Vanessa Raymond has also joined us as a skin and body expert. She has a Btech Soma degree and has a particular passion for skin treatments. She has beautiful strong hands and is a great fit for our business. She is bubbly and energetic and I know that she will connect with you all beautifully. Please support her as she builds her name and reputation.

Welcome Vanessa, may this be the start of a very prosperous career.

Operating hours during Festive Season

We are open right throughout the season except Public Holidays.

We have a full team of Experts available throughout the festive season.

Please support our team if you are local ?

What an amazing close to a very busy , intense year. I breathe a sigh of relief… we did it. We close STRONG and amped to start a phenomenal 2020. May you and your families be most blessed this festive season.

All our love,

Shana and the Superstar Team : Nana, Terina, Naz, Zama, Daine and Vanessa.

Festive Offers

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