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Fabulous February celebrates #FeelTheLove #MyFaceMyStory campaign at M.E.G.

We have custom built the perfect treatment combinations to give you absolute pure indulgence as you celebrate the month of LOVE!


#FeelTheLove #MyFaceMyStory campaign will be something a little different for us and we are asking you to take part in it. When you visit M.E.G this February, post your treatment experience (on Facebook or Instagram) with #FeelTheLove #MyFaceMyStory and how we have changed your skin and stand in line to win our Royals Royce Skin Experience worth R1500.

Follow these simple steps

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2. Post your treatment experience with the #FeelTheLove #MyFaceMyStory

3. Stand a chance to win!!!

Environmental Pollution and Skin Ageing

We have been inundated with skins that are showing accelerated signs of ageing due to environmental pollution and sun exposure. The reality is that we are surrounded by pollution in all forms and our skins ability to withstand all the assault is compromised and is mostly a losing battle.

The exciting news is that we have many treatment solutions to remedy the problem. Between Vitamin A,

antioxidants, Activated charcoal, Red Algae, Niacinamide and Tara Fruit extract (yes watch this space, we have a very exciting new product launching soon) we are able to reverse the pollution’s  impact on your skin but also increase the benefits of the actives that follow suit.





Microneedling, Glycolic peels and LED Light Therapy are all ways in that we are able to step up the efficacy of the results, so please pop in and allow one of our Skin Experts to advise you in this exciting solution before you decide to go down the “injectable” pathway.




I have always felt strongly about building a strong foundation with how skins behave through good home care solutions.

When the bricks are in place, treating the surface cracks is easy as the skin responds quickly.

Skin Health is what we advocate and so if you do not have a good routine in place allow us to help. It’s better late the never!

75 min pure indulgence

Be Blessed



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