Dearest MEG Patrons,


 For the past 17 years I have worked with Dermalogica as my professional brand of choice. I often joke that my blood is grey. So you can imagine, that it took a lot persuading and feedback from our loyal patrons, to even think outside of my “grey box”: the need presented; we needed a more affordable skin care solution for our current economic climate.


When I set out to find an alternative, I did not think that I would ever find anything remotely close to the results that I was used to seeing in skins. I wanted to go the “local is lekker” route so that we did not have to face the RANDS:DOLLAR exchange scenario



I tested 4 brands on my own skin. A very scary experience for myself as my skin is really used to only the finest…and I soon came to know that you get what you pay for… until I was persuaded by Kate Edwards (ex MEG Senior therapist, now head Trainer for Environ Distribution here in KZN) to try ENVIRON. And as they say, the rest is history. I am super impressed.

Its so exciting to work with a brand that is local, scientific and packs a punch! My skin is looking youthful and better than it has in ages.

The BIG question has been, will we still stock Dermalogica and Optiphi? Absolutely!


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Each brand has its place and love-mark in your lives. We now simply have a proudly South

African brand that is affordable and result driven. I want to be known for changing skins not just maintaining them which is exactly what was happening with many of you.

You were only using the basics to maintain your skins as the customizes were in-affordable.

Now we can offer you all the best solutions for your skins demands. Hooray!!! No compromise.


Attached find the Environ Price list for your browsing pleasure. We also offer their skin treatments.

Its conceptually different from what you are used to but the end results are fabulous! Priced at R480-R520 for 60minute.

Please connect with us for a Consultation and prescription, you will not regret it!


Simply email : Book me for an ENVIRON consultation.


I look forward to hearing back from all of you.

Have a fabulous July!

Warmest wishes



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