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Itchy Scratch Club?

Winter is always a time for reflection on one’s skin and body health. With the change in temperatures, as slight as they are, we tend to slack a bit on the exercise and food control.

Unfortunately the skin does not allow us to slack as it gets really uncomfortable and sensitised if we do not obey its plight!

So don’t become part of the itchy scratchy club- allow us to quench your skins (and body) thirst with our 30min customised skin rescue treatment R400, which we have designed to remedy the hydration and sensitivity levels of the skin. It includes LED light therapy (which usually cost R350 alone) so it’s a really great deal and the results are fantastic!

14 day only x


DNA Lifestyle Based Changes

To Bant or Not to Bant-that is the question?….. Whether you are interested in banting or  a DNA Lifestyle diet, we have a wonderful affiliated specialist Kerryn Gibson, Registered Dietitian, Specialised in Sport and Paediatric Nutrition, that has written an awesome article on DNA Lifestyle Dieting posted on our website.

Please go to to check it out….You can find her contact details on our partners page if you would like to schedule a consult. Kerryn will be a regular contributor to our Newsletters… Welcome Kerryn!





LVL Enhance Nouveau Lashes

Created exclusively by Nouveau Lashes, LVL Enhance is the revolutionary natural lash treatment ,

taking the beauty industry by storm. It adds length, volume and lift to your natural lashes. With no

extensions , no adhesives and no mascara. It is gentle and natural and done in just 45min.

Each treatment lasts 6-8 weeks and only requires a serum for maintenance.

Book with Naz – our LVL Expert  for R595 today. Bring a friend and get 10% off your set this July.





We love your feedback…

MEG stocks 3 Brands : Dermalogica, Optiphi and Environ. We want to know if we were to discontinue one of our brands, would it impact your patronage? Or do you visit us for our expert advice and trust our prescriptions and advice as long as it meets your budgetary planning?

Please email with your comments.

That’s it for this month… We look forward to seeing you in store before you sign up for the Itchy scratchy club;-)

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