NEWSLETTER – July 2019

Vol. 14 Issue. 14

Dearest M.E.G Patrons

Winter has finally arrived; pull out the down duvet, wellies and puffer jackets! I know the ladies celebrate the change up in our wardrobes (finally we can wear all those winter jackets and gorgeous boots) and the men sigh for at long last, wearing a suit in Durban is more bearable! Its really a win win ….

Our skins however do not enjoy the temperate changes. Here is why…

Most of you would of noticed that your skin always feels thirsty after cleansing and possibly you feel the need to use more product? Well we know that as the temperatures decreases, in fact for every degree it cools, your skin produces 10% less oil. That means that your only natural lubricant is depleted and that in turn impacts the skins barrier function. Acne skins celebrate the cold as they breakout less but the drier skins really struggle. Often irritation and sensitivity follow depleted oil levels.

Whats more if your diet limits oil, it has a great impact on your barrier function. That’s a tough one, but if you are using good skin care, we can remedy the problem.

So if you are part of the of itchy scratchy club or feel a bit like a prune, these are 5 quick impact solutions you can use to help your skins cope:

1. Reinforce Barrier Function

Reinforce barrier Function by quenching skin hydration: Use a hydrating mask to give you immediate comfort. Some masks can be left on, under your moisturiser for extra comfort.

For more serious hydration solutions, you will need to look at a smaller molecule like a serum. They penetrate deeper to the basal layer in the skin, moisturising from within.

2. Exfoliate

Exfoliate: Slough off the Dead skins cells so that the skin can absorb better. When you have too many dead layers of skin, getting good product through them is hard. Remove the layers with gentle exfoliation.

In the shower: use a Buffing Cloth to gently remove dry skin whilst using a Ph Balanced body wash, avoid soap at all costs. Try Optiphi’s Evergreen body wash and buffing cloth. They form the perfect duo and leave your skin feeling soft and nourished preparing it for either Environs famous Duo of Dermalac Lotion combined with VIT A & E Oil or the Evergreen Body Lotion.

For the face, I prefer a lactic acid molecule over the winter months. It effectively exfoliates whilst hydrating the skin at the same time. Try Refine foliant for a flash home peel … use it 2 times a week and eventually you can actually sleep with it on , overnight ( ask your Skin Expert for the progression of this treatment).

3. Moisturise

Moisturise: From a face perspective you may need to relook which moisturiser you are on. A moisturiser with a little more “weight” will comfort the skin better in winter.

Optiphi have just reformulated their Moisture Control Ultra to a Rich Repairing Moisturiser. Its now white in colour and packed full of active ingredients like Prickly Pear extract , Oligeopeptide, Geranylgerany Lipid , Hyaluronic acid, L carnosine and Vit B3. All these ensure long term hydration, Improve skin firmness and target the signs of ageing!

4. Professional Peels

Professional Peels: Our Skin Rejuvenation Peels resurface your skin within 48hrs with absolutely no downtime. Winter is the best time to tackle skin concerns like pigmentation, ageing and scarring. We can challenge the skin far more in the winter months as you will naturally have less sun time. If you would like to discuss your skin concerns with us, please book a free consult!

5. Microneedling

Microneedling: If you have been on Vit A or Retinol for more than a month, your professional treatments can be accelerated with Micro Needling in salon. Microneedling done by Experts like us , can be enjoyed with very little downtime and awesome results. Microneedling aids the skin with product penetration and also refines the skins surface texture. A great Winter Skin Treatment!Be sure to discuss this with your experts.


Please note that we have decided to only operate on alternative Saturdays as of the 1st July 2019.

Terina, Nana and Naz look forward to welcoming you.

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To help you along this July, we have designed 2 awesome specials to keep you feeling radiant an youthful. Enjoy!

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