NEWSLETTER – March 2020

Vol. 14 Issue. 18

Dearest Patrons,

This month has come and gone so quickly. First Valentines Day, then SONA , followed by Budget speeches and the cream on top : Financial year end. I feel exhausted just typing it out.

I have noticed a change in the atmosphere amongst many of you and I want to encourage you all. I know that if we focus on the negativity out there we will surely be consumed by it. Instead of all the doom and gloom I choose to find the ray of lights that are appearing and giving me positive hope. I know that life and death is in the power of the tongue, so I choose to speak life, and so should you.

It always amazes me how when we focus on the good stuff, the bad stuff just seems to fizzle away. It is like water off a ducks back.

Did you read the News24 article of “Urine Power in a Durban shack settlement” a pilot project that could be an answer to electricity, water and waste woes…? Or how about the new massive solar farms that aim to power over 40 000 homes in the Cape… and the hope of hearts changing to see things in a new light? There is hope and it begins with you and me. We can touch somebodys life so easily and transform the way they see things, if we choose to be positive vs negative. Go on, I challenge you!

On a Positive Note – Next Level of Micro needling

In keeping M.E.G in the specialist segment of the skin care arena, and ahead of our competition, Naz and I attended an incredible Advanced Micro-Needling Course this past week which will change the way we treat your skins.

We are taking it up a notch and our new “latest“ technology and treatment protocols will blow your mind (and skin).

Introducing :

Advanced Micro Needling Solutions :R15oo per session

Hair Growth Treatment , Repopulate your receding hair line or diminishing hair growth ( the hair must have been active within the last year…or its too late)
Retinol Acne Rejuvenation (outstanding results in a minimum amount of time)
Vit C Boost for advanced ageing or pigmentation concerns

Micro-needling Vitamin Therapy R1300

Fractionated HA Serum for intense Hydration
Galic Acid for brightening and pigmentation concerns
Vit B Complex for compromised or stressed skins

All Treatments are done in a course of 1 treatment per month for 6-8 months. If you would like to know more about the treatment, please email or contact me.

Hair repopulation post 4 treatments

Microneedling Before and post 2 weeks

Home Rolling

For those of you who are vigilant with routines, we can design a home rolling program to get you on your own skin journey. We LOVE the Environ home micro-needling roller system. Its comfortable, easy to use but does require regular rolling to get desired results. Just by using your roller each evening you simply increase your product penetration by 100% and therefor fast tracking your results

There is a step up program that is personalised to you and your skins health. So please understand that you need us to help you with that before merrily rolling away.

The rules for home rolling is that you have to be on Retinol ( Vit A) for atleast a month before starting this journey, safely and effectively. And you need to slowly increase your number of days and minutes (as we prescribe) to avoid any problems.

Home kits vary between R1200 to R3500 depending on the system you choose. You have to use the prescribed disinfectant to ensure safety of your rolling kit.

Please contact us to set up a consultation if you wish to know more.

And in closing, I quote a scripture from Proverbs that says “ For the despondent, every day brings trouble, for the happy heart, life is a continual feast”. May March be a feast of happy thoughts and positive affirmations that reap joy all around.

See you in store ?

Yours in wellness,


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