Celebrating Men in “Movember”…

This month we dedicate our newsletter to all the special men in our lives. All of them… Grandfathers, fathers, brothers,

partners, sons, nephews , cousins and friends.


Men’s health is something we should talk about more often. Men, unlike woman, do not like to discuss their own health.

They believe that they are invincible and that their bodies will not fail them. They have, over their entire

lifetime, believed that they are the warriors, family protectors and providers. This is why men are able to go to war to defend what is dear to them.


However in today’s life that is surrounded by stress and toxic lifestyles, “empty” foods, work that gets faster and more

demanding each year – it is now more pressing and serious to STOP and take stock of your own health!


How well are you really?


As skin and body therapists we use your skin, as a good guide, to your health. Because it is the largest

living organ in our bodies, we believe that what is going on in the inside manifests on the outside.


It’s the real reason you need to check in with your expert therapist at least 1 x per month.

Let her assess and guide your skin/body health journey.

Be it a skin treatment or a stress relieving massage, we are here to help you manage the balance.


That is why we have revamped our consultation to address not only your skin and body needs but especially your mood and overall

wellbeing. We want you to walk away feeling like we have addressed your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.


Invest the time in yourself, you will not regret it!

So to help encourage you to invest in yourself, we are offering ALL OUR MEN a 20%

discount off all our  BIG 5 SERVICES: 

 The Body Treatment


The Skin Treatment


The Hand Treatment


The Foot Treatment


All waxing/shearing

*Only one of each at this discount (per person) between 7th-16th November


I would like to encourage you all to try something new this November- change is as good as a holiday and you never know,

you may find your new love mark.


With Christmas around the corner we have some amazing Retail specials, savings and gifts to help

encourage you to stock up on all your favourites… Don’t leave your Christmas shopping to the 24th

December like last year, let us take the stress out of it, with a one stop shop! Happy shopping!!


We look forward to investing in you as you invest in yourself!!


Yours in wellness

Shana and Team MEG


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