NEWSLETTER – December 2020

Vol. 15 Issue. 20

Dear  Patrons,

The Festive season is here and that means two things:
Christmas (holidays) and …
M-E-G turns15 on 1 December 2020! Can you believe that your favorite skin and body center has been in existence for 15 whole years? She has survived economic turmoil, moving to new premises from ECR building and rebranding ourselves, changing up skin solutions, motherhood, and then, COVID-19.  I am proud to say that she wears her years well and I am beaming with joy and happiness as we approach the festive season on our front foot, ready and rearing to enjoy the fruits of our hard work. Thank you to each one of you for being an integral part of our success! Without your support and ongoing patronage, we would not have a business. Please keep on referring your friends and family to us. Allow us to be your most loved household brand. We thank you in advance for allowing us the privilege of being your solution to broken bodies and demanding troublesome skins.

Please pop in on 1 December for cake and champagne and to simply celebrate this amazing achievement with us!!


Dear Shana,

I would like to extend a warm thank you for helping my skin bounce back within days. I desperately contacted you as I was experiencing painful breakouts and M.E.G accommodated me on the same day. After assessing my skin, the beautiful ladies put me on products that literally gave me results within a day. I have been on the products for a week and I have seen remarkable results. Nobody had ever really done such an in-depth consultation with me before and once they were able to understand my lifestyle and skin dynamics, they prescribed me a solution.

Pictured below is the day I contacted Shana, a day after and a week later. Thank you so very much!!

Love Bernalee

Thank you soo much Bernalee, we love this kind of feedback and it goes to show; that a little expert advice, combined with magical ingredient solutions and we can change skins easily and quickly!!
#Environ #CoolPeelTechnology #NoMoreAcne

Your Journey was such a special one. Thank you, Tyla for trusting me, even when there were days where I knew you were on edge and ready to give up. 7 weeks later we have happy skin! Hooray for no drugs/medicines and instead whoop whoop to topical Vitamin A and Cool Peel technology!! #Environ for the win

New Staff

I am excited to welcome Shalini Govender to our team! She has been practicing as a qualified skin specialist and body therapist for a total of 20 years. I believe that she will add tremendous value to our team, especially with her diverse portfolio of treatments offered.

“I am a driven individual and one that is passionate about my treatments. I am definitely a Peel Specialist. We all love results with Pigmentation, Aging, or even Acne scarring and I pride myself on correcting these concerns.

My aim is to work with the highest integrity, giving you – “ATTENTION TO DETAIL”.

During my career, I have worked with a number of brands including Environ & Optiphi, I am certainly an expert in my treatments.  In my season on cruise ships, I was exposed to many ‘faces’. I’ve also worked in Dubai, and it was here where I was exposed to threading, I am a master of this craft!

In the UAE massage is extremely important. It’s a part of everyday life there.  In working with celebrities & Dubai’s Royal family, I developed a combined technique of Chinese – Qi Mantra style of Reflexology and a variety of Full body Massage techniques.  Its unique and the results are magnificent! I also practice La Stone Therapy. Make sure this is your next MUST HAVE!!! I’m so looking forward to meeting u all @M.E.G!!”
Shalini is available on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and Alternative Saturdays.

Brian Crafford – Osteopath

Over the past 3 months, many of you have had the pleasure of Brian’s expertise. We are excited to announce that he will be based at M.E.G. full time from middle November. Brian uses a variety of techniques from gentle osteopathic adjustments to dry needling and muscle energy release techniques. This allows your body to feel aligned and in balance. What makes him different from the average Chiropractor is that he spends a whole hour on getting you feeling great. He is particularly talented with kids and babies. They absolutely adore him!

Please note that treatments require you to be in clothing that allows easy movement, like gym gear, etc.

60 min sessions are R750
90min sessions are  R900

Holiday Season

We will be open right throughout the festive season, excluding public holidays. Please ensure that you book well in advance as we have 2 sets of hands-on the deck each day.

Christmas comes early

Our Product suppliers have really come to the party early this festive season. Take a look at some of the magnificent deals on offer. Please be sure to come and purchase before deals are sold out!!

Discover Environ Skin Care’s iconic best-sellers in the limited-edition Youthful Radiance Discovery Set: an exclusive collection of powerhouse formulations to help improve your skin’s youthful appearance, resilience, and radiance.

C-Quence® Eye Gel 10ml, Revival Masque 15ml, Hydrating Oil Capsules (10),
Super Moisturiser 15ml, Antioxidant Gel 15ml. R998

That’s it for now folks…The team and I look forward to seeing you this festive season as we enjoy the blessings of the gift of touch and radiant skins and youthful bodies!
May you and your families enjoy the Christmas season and may 2021 be a most prosperous year for you all!

Yours in wellness,

Shana and Team M.E.G.

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