Picture2Dearest MEG Patrons,

Nothing excites me more than new product innovations! And this month we have 3 new product features being released on the market.

DYK: 25-83% of the skins ageing is contributed to by UV exposure? So in tackling both premature and existing ageing we need to firstly target UV protection. Prevention is better than cure I say and thus Sun Protection Factors are a daily must, regardless of rain or shine. As long as there is light , there is UV ray exposure!

Secondly we need to reverse the signs of ageing by increasing cellular renewal.

Thirdly, increase barrier function and thus the skins natural protective mechanism, and lastly increase collagen production.

MEG’ s approach to Anti-Ageing:

There is a multi- prong approach to targeting aging in your skin.

1) Professional Peeling/ Exfoliation: Glycolic Peels are the perfect way to accelerating the skins cell renewal cycle. We are able to
completely renew your whole outer epidermis within 48hrs.

The benefits of a Glycolic Peel are :
→ Increased cellular activity,
→ Improved appearance of sun damaged skins,
→ Improved elasticity and firmness,
→ Increased Collagen ,
→ Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles,
→ Improved skin texture
→ Brighter, lighter skins
→ No down time!!

2) Professional LED and Micro Current Technology:

We love the results of LED technology with our Peels. By utilising different light wavelengths we are able to stimulate ATP production that revs up cellular renewal by 300% . This means more efficient RNA and DNA production, Increased Collagen and Elastin fibre production, GAG production and product penetration and much more.. This painless add-on is a real game changer for accelerated results.

Microcurrent Technology for non –surgical face lifting is a wonderful way of lifting and firming lax facial muscles. Done as a once off (special occasion) or in a course (8) for long term effects. We see it as an alternative option to Botox!

These 2 technologies can be done one after the other with a peel for the “ULTIMATE” Anti-ageing result!

Book an “ Ultimate Technology Skin Treatment “ this month for R1043 and receive your BT Face Lift Free worth R250!
PS, Once you have experienced this treatment- there is no going back

3) Clever Ingredient Technology at Home:
Dermalogica and Optiphi now showcase Retinol Serums that have been clinically proven to change collagen production and reverse the signs of ageing. Retinol is a very unstable molecule that has been known to increase redness and irritation. However Dermalogica has found a way of encapsulating it, and now we have accelerated product penetration and delivery without any known side effects.

Welcome Overnight Retinol Repair!

This product incorporated into your night time routine will give you your desired results within a short space of time.

Optiphi Has released its competitive product “Intense Retinol Serum. Again, clever technology in a smart delivery vehicle with no known side effects.

Its really about which brand you love and support.
Overnight Retinol Serum , 30ml R 1350Picture3
Intense Retinol Serum , 30ml R R1095
Please pre-order as we have limited access to these stock items!











Picture6Shana Giessing, I am 8 weeks away from the birth of our second Bambino. Please note that I will be practicing therapy until the 31’st of October and then assuming a coaching role with my team to ensure that all runs smoothly whilst I am away on maternity leave.
I would like to encourage you all to pop in for your last session with me this month but also so I can hand you over to either Nana, Elmarie , Angelika or Naz.

I promise you that you will be more than well taken care of over this period of time!

Picture7Sarah Daniels: Skin Centre Manageress

I am thrilled to announce that Sarah Daniels has been promoted to Manageress! She has been running our ship ( a hero with no title until this point) for 6 years now and I know that she is more than equipped and able to steer the team in my absence.
Congratulations Sarah and thank you for being my passionate side kick! May your new title and position allow you to thrive and shine


Picture8Elmarie Gouws: New therapist joins our tribe

Elmarie Gouws will be joining our team from next week. Elmarie has worked both locally and abroad on cruise liners as a skin and body expert. Her strengths lie in her attention to detail, her passion for changing skins and healing bodies.
We are excited to have her on board with us and we know that it will be a long and happy experience!
Welcome Elmarie!


That’s it for now, we hope to see you in store for our “ultimate anti-ageing experience”
Thank you always for your ongoing loyal patronage and support of our skin and body centre

Best Wishes,


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