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Touch Therapy

This month we feature a wonder duo of packages that will assist you all with making it through this last stretch. With the pace of life and the over stimulation of technology, a very real primal need is being lost- Touch. Touch therapy is a wonderful way of reconnecting with oneself and meeting a deep primal need. Our expert therapists will make sure that aching muscular tension is worked out with hot-stones, trigger point therapy and stretching.  If your need is to have a more relaxing treatment done, they are able to customise your treatment accordingly. Sound good? Well take the time and invest in yourself, you will not regret it!

Hero of the month – Hydration and Rejuvenation Focus

I have rekindled my love with 2 product innovations this month. I wanted to only focus on 1 but actually, I cannot do without both (hand over eyes)…

Optiphi’s HA Masque – Oh my goodness, where do I begin …

I love this multifunctional mask- I pop it on as a daily “serum” under my moisturiser for all day glow and hydration or I love using it as a overnight treatment. I really enjoyed it after a day of fun in the sun and especially after I  challenged my skin post our NEW LIPO HYDROXY PEEL. High concentrations of Hyaluronic acid, Peptides for  firming leave your skin plump and firm.  Retails at R652 for 75ml #GottaHave #GameChanger



Rejuvenating Revitalizer

Tick tock, tick tock…This revamped formula is in a league of its own… The science: Time Controlled Diffusion Technology improves and prolongs the delivery of active ingredients in Optiphi’s formulations. New generation RETINOL delivery is time controlled allowing for effective and reliable delivery into the lower levels of the skin. Retinol is the gold standard of wrinkle reduction, improvement in skin texture and pigmentation as well as general signs of ageing. This is why I LOVE this formula. Within days you notice a refined texture, improved moisture control, pore size reduction and long term wrinkles firm up and skin discoloration diminishes. Retails at R1845 for 40ml #MultiFunctional #RadicalResults  #LOVE


Time Pressed? Need a Re-script Try “Skype –Sult”



If you are time pressed and cannot make it in for a skin re-script, but know that your current

routine is not targeting your changing skin needs, we now offer Skype consults. Book your “Skype-Sult” and enjoy a new personalised skin care routine tailor made to your needs.

That’s it for this month Folks…

I trust that your October is blessed and highly favoured.




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