NEWSLETTER – September 2019

Vol. 14 Issue. 16

Dearest Patrons,

My absolute favorite time of the year is here: SPRING!!

Having grown up on a farm, Spring time meat NEW LIFE. It meant the birthing of calves, foals and lambs. The peach orchids a buzz with bees and butterflies cross pollinating their delicious buds and nectars; whilst the Yesterday Today and Tomorrow bush scented the air around the farm house. Can you smell it? Ahhhh happiness is…

Spring Time meant that mum would start spring cleaning the farm house and surrounds. Out with the dust and cobwebs, in with clean and fresh everything.

It also meant that us kids had to endure a proper SPIT AND POLISH. She would use concoctions of homegrown herbs and plant poultices to scrub our bare feet and bodies (that were stained from running around in the kraal and orchids). It was such a delight to go in stained and come out squeaky clean and smooth.

Little did I know that my future career “seeds” were being planted by the wonderful experiences and rituals mum started all those years ago. Today I celebrate those awesome carefree beginnings that molded and shaped me into the woman I am today!

Springtime at M.E.G The Skin and Body Experts is also just that : Rebirthing the new, more youthful , less stressed YOU!! Think of it as your “steam clean”…

Have a great September,



No you cannot swallow these ,but YES ,we can topically apply these supplements to your skin as part of your skin treatment. Optiphi has again raised the bar for happy healthy skins yet again…

Introducing “ SKIN SUPPLEMENTS” Fractionated HA Supplement, Galic Acid Supplement and Vit B Complex. All three of these supplements can be either added into your regular skin treatment/peel (R250) or be micro needled into your skin for accelerated results. Ask your Skin Expert about which method would suit your skins needs most.


Daine Smit

Many of our Patrons have requested Daine Smits skills on board on Saturdays. Please know that he has made himself available on alternative weekends for any Sports Injury work, Taping, Deep tissue massage or Functional Training.

Appointments are essential so please make those well in advance.


20% Off on your Optiphi Core treatment…


Is there a difference?

SRT Nano Needling is a cartridge that is comprised of tiny, pyramid–like needle tips on a flat base with a 0.015 mm depth of piercing. These tips are thinner than a human hair and are designed to make microscopic punctures in the epidermis, which in turn causes collagen and elastin production as a secondary effect to a thorough exfoliation, and enhanced penetration of actives into the skin.

Its safe, pain free and good on all photo types and leaves the skin glowing, hydrated and polished.

Micro Needling on the other hand utilizes tiny needles (set at varying lengths 0.25-1.5mm) to create tiny microscopic punctures into the epidermis to increase product penetration to 100%, trigger a controlled inflammatory response thus triggering COLLAGEN INDUCTION THERAPY : the synthesis of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid formation. This process can be slightly painful but as we believe in respecting the skins barrier function, we work within your skin comfort zone. Should your skin concern require deeper layer targeting, we would then utilize numbing creams to assist in pain control, although we do this reluctantly as it has been proven that a true skin response is still the best for this type of work.

Are there any side effects?

Nano needling has no down time at all. The skin impact is felt and seen immediately. When we combine it with our new Vitamin supplements, its outstanding!

Micro Needling, again depending on how deep we work, will have minimal down time, but a slight redness and discomfort post treatment. This subsides within 2-3 days followed by mild peeling, if any, and a noticeable tightening of the tissue, followed by more youthful skins.

Yours in wellness

Shana and Team M.E.G.

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