NEWSLETTER – March 2020

Vol. 14 Issue. 18

Your Health is our Primary Concern

At M.E.G. we are committed to hygiene as we are to skin and body health. As concerns regarding  the impact of corona virus on humanity increase globally, we understand that as fellow South Africans you may be feeling concerned about your health and safety, as well as that of your loved ones. We share your concerns and have a deep empathy for those who may be affected in any way.
For the past 15 years we have been practicing the strictest levels of hygiene in our skin care centre, and so we welcome the next level of care to ensure your peace of mind in our environment.

Please know that if you  have either :
*travelled abroad in the last month
*been in contact with somebody that has tested positive to the carona virus
*are showing any signs or symptoms of the virus,
Please could we ask that you rather wait a full month before booking your next session with us?

Hand Sanitisation
We have set up hand sanitising stations in every room in the business and we ask that you first wash your hands for a full 20 sec and then follow with the provided hand sanitiser before commencing your treatment .
We commit to practicing the highest level of sanitisation before and after your session so please know that you are safe in our environment, as will our team of expert therapists and support staff be.

DYK : that the sinus passage is one of the coldest part of your body and so viruses loves to multiply there.

Steam Station
We will thus offer hot Eucalyptus or Tea Tree inhalation therapy as part of your massage treatment in keeping your sinuses moist, clean and healthy. Or if you would like to spend a few minutes at our   “Steam Station” please do.  We will also have immune boosting teas on offer.

Gut Health
Your overall health is greatly impacted by gut health. So if you are not on a pro/prebiotic please chat to your therapists about our RawBiotics Liquid solution for your whole family.
Thank you so much for your ongoing support and we look forward to keeping you healthy and happy.

Yours in wellness

Shana and Team M.E.G.

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