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Executive Grooming | The Skin and Body Experts

Caitlin Catelle


This talented young woman holds the helm on Front Desk on Saturdays. She is a down to earth, fun and an optimistic God fearing woman. She loves her family and friends, loves travelling, good food and music.

Nazeerin Shaik


Naz Shaik is a part time therapist. Naz offers unique skills like threading, eyelash enhancements and awesome pedicures. She is available from Wednesday – Friday and alternative Saturdays.

Nomonde Ndimande

Nomonde Ndimande- Expert Skin & Body Therapist


Nomonde (Nana) our Senior Therapist and known as a great healer. She has been in the Health and Beauty industry longer than any of us and her wealth of knowledge is unbelievable. Her beautiful hands work to mould and ease both body and skin leaving her clients feeling revitalized and rejuvenated.

Shana Giessing

CEO and founder of M-E-G


Shana Giessing the visionary and entrepreneur to a first of its kind, specialist men’s grooming centre (M.E.G) in KZN and South Africa (2005). Part of MEG’s success is that it is owner run and managed. Shana is passionate about the Skin Care industry and is an excellent communicator, respected manager and team leader. “Live what you preach” is central to her core value system.Email:shana@m-e-g.co.za

Sarah Daniels

Sarah Daniels

Sarah manages the MEG Front Desk and handles all customer queries and bookings. She is the pulse point of your customer experience and is a critical part of keeping our “machine” well-greased and running! She is incredibly motivated and holds integrity, honesty and truth to be her key values in life and business. Email: info@m-e-g.co.za

Zama Pretty Nyanda

Chief Officer of Hygeine & Skin centre Organization

Zama Nyanda

Our entire team would be lost without Zama, she is critical to the functioning of our well oiled machine. She is meticulous about her work and so MEG Skin & Body Experts is always immaculate. Her hidden talents are her amazing flavored water creations and the warp speed at which she can make over a room!

M.E.G. is not a salon and we are definitely not a spa. We don’t believe in complicated treatment menus with hundreds of treatment options. We cater for the modern man who has time constraints and requires a practical approach to his grooming needs.