Massage Therapy

We are renowned for our outstanding massage therapy treatments. Each Expert has been upskilled in deep tissue, sports massage, trigger point therapy, hot stone massage and facilitated stretching.

Body Treatment Duration Senior Therapist Cost Expert Therapist Cost
Sports Massage 30 min R420 R475
Sports Massage 45 min R595 R610
Sports Massage 60 min R690 R715
Sports Massage 75 min R790 R820
Sports Massage 90 min R925 R945
Swedish Massage 30 min R420 R475
Swedish Massage 45 min R595 R610
Swedish Massage 60 min R690 R715
Swedish Massage 75 min R790 R820
Swedish Massage 90 min R925 R945
Hot stone massage 30 min R420 R475
Hot stone massage 45 min R595 R610
Hot stone massage 60 min R690 R715
Hot stone massage 75 min R790 R820
Hot stone massage 90 min R925 R945
Back Exfoliation 15 min R280
Full Body Exfoliation 30 min R445
Leg Exfoliation R270
Indian Head Massage 30 min R295
Hot stone Add on R170

Skin Solutions

Expert Skin consultation + analysis + product introduction R250

Face Treatment Duration Cost
Express Indulgence 30 min R 498
Classic Indulgence 60 min R 897
Glycolic Peel (Face only) 30 min R 498
Glycolic Peel(Face & decollete) 60 min R 897
Lipohydroxy Peel(Face Only) 30 min R 730
Lipohydroxy Peel (Face & decollete) 45 min R 950
LED Add on R 350
Environ Hands on Vit Therapy 30 min R 440
Environ Hands onVit Therapy 45 min R 603
Purifying Vit Therapy 60 min R 661
ACM Cool peel Problem Skin 30 min R 661
TCA 1-3 layers R 730
Lac Pam Mini peel (1-3 layers) 45 min R 603
Lac Pam Mini peel (4-6 layers) 60 min R 662
IPL Laser Therapy
Platinum Therapy Photorejuvenation (Peel, Laser, Serum, Mask, LED, moisturiser) R 1575
PhotoRejuvenation (laser + serum+ moisturise) R 1000
Pigmenation IPL (Laser+Protect) R 685
Acne IPL R 685
MicroNeedling 60min R 1433
add on of hands R 367
Microneedling (Hair Growth Treatment) R 1433
Microneedling (Retinol Acne Rejuvenation) R 1654
Microneedling (Vitamin C Boost) R 1654
Mircroneedling (Nano Head) R 265
Platinum Rejuvenation Microneedling( Peel, Needle, Vitamin Therapy, LED) R 1785

Hand and Foot Solutions

The condition of your hands or feet will determine the amount of time spent on getting them into pristine order. If your hands / feet are in dire need of a complete overhaul, the recommended time would be the 60 min treatment. If your hands / feet are regularly maintained a 30 min treatment would suffice.

Hand and Foot Treatment Duration Cost
Full house manicure R 385
Express manicure R 260
Nail repaint R 180
Full house pedicure R 445
Express pedicure R 310
Reflexology 30 min R 300
Reflexology 60 min R 400
Eyebrow tint R 68
Eyelash tint R 89
Eyelash and Brow tint R 141
Sensitive Eye or lash tint R 162
Beard Tinting R 430

Hair Removal

Lip R 90
Chin R 90
Eyebrow wax and shape R 95
Full face wax R 370
Half face wax R 200
Cheeks R 90
Eyebrow threading R 105
Forehead threading R 125
Lip threading R 90
Half Face threading R 155
Full Face threading R 315
Stomach / Navel lines(ladies) R 85
Half Arm R 145
Full Arm ( incl fingers) R 255
Underarm R 125
Full Hollywood (all off) R 288
Brazilian (landing strip) R 267
Half Bikini (sides only) R 168
Gstring (sides and cheeks) R 220
Half Leg R 265
3/4 Leg R 355
Full leg R 420
Executive Men
Brows R 95
Ears R 55
Nose wax R 55
Half face wax R 235
Back wax ( hot wax) R 420
Back wax R 315
Half back wax R 230
Stomach and Chest wax R 370
Chest wax R 210
Stomach R 210
Full leg wax (incl brief line) R 525
Full leg wax (excl brief line) R 420
Mens Shearing
Time based
15 min R 160
30 min R 315
45 min R 475
60 min R 525

Laser Hair removal

Treatment Duration Cost
Lip R 265
Half face R 420
Full face R 735
Underarm R 525
Full Arm R 1050
Full Bikini R 945
Half Bikini R 475
Half leg R 1575
Full Leg R 2625
Full Back + sleeve 15 min R 2100
HalfBack R 1105
Buttocks R 1420
Chest R 1955
Forearms Only R 1105
Full Arm (Men) R 1050
Full Leg ( Men) R 2625
Front and Back of Neck R 1105
Shoulders and Forearms R 1345