Skin Solutions

At M.E.G The Skin and Body experts, we see every one of our guests as unique with an individual blue print and requirement. We never use a “one fits all” type of solution but rather take the time to figure out your individual skin needs before prescribing a suitable solution.

Our peels are effective and safe. They have very little down time as we understand that our guests live busy, exposed lives here in KZN. We believe in Vitamin A skin care and solutions and that is why we work with Optiphi Skin Rejuvenation and Environ Skin Care brands.

Our treatments are targeted and give awesome results.

Consulation Cost
Expert Skin Consultation R 500
Advanced Skin Solutions
Glycolic Peel Face only (30 min) R 700
Glycolic Peel Face and Decolete (60 min) R 990
30/30 Peel R 1040
Lipohydroxy Peel Face only (30min) R 800
Lipohydroxy Face + Decolete (45min) R 1040
Retinol Peel R 1040
Core Skin Solutions
Classic Indulgence (60min) R 990
Express Indulgence (30min) R 700
Teen Indulgence R 650
Cool Peels
Environ Cool Peel Mild (30-45min) R 800
Environ Cool Peel Advanced (60min) R 910
Add ons
LED Light Therapy R 350
Nano Non Surgical Facelift R 250
Essential Skin Supplemts (HA/Galaic Acid/B -Complex) R 260
Advanced Skin Supplemnt (Vit C , Hairgrowth, Retinol) R 350
MicroNeedling (face and neck) R 1300
Microneedling with Skin Supplement R 1600
Platinum Rejuvenation Therapy (Needle and TCA Peel) R 2000
Add on of Hands R 350


Laser Hair removal
Lip R 250
Half face R 400
Full face R 700
Underarm R 500
Full Arm R 1000
Full Bikini R 900
Half Bikini R 450
Half leg R 1500
Full Leg R 2500
Full Back + Sleeve R 2000
Full Chest and Stomach + Sleve R 2000
Glutes R 1500

Massage Therapy

We are renowned for our outstanding massage therapy treatments. Each Expert has been upskilled in deep tissue, sports massage, trigger point therapy, hot stone massage and facilitated stretching.

Body Treatment Duration Senior Therapist Cost Expert Therapist Cost
Sports Massage 30 min R420 R500
Sports Massage 45 min R595 R670
Sports Massage 60 min R690 R750
Sports Massage 75 min R790 R870
Sports Massage 90 min R925 R990
Back Exfoliation R 265
Full Body Exfoliation R 420
Leg Exfoliation R 265
Indian Head Massage 30 min R 295 R 310
Hot Stone Add on R 170

Hocatt Ozone Therapy

Hocatt Ozone therapy is our Total Body Wellness solution to longevity. The body cannot heal or function without adequate oxygen and our ozone chamber is able to deliver Ozone (o3) to your cells and body. Good health is dependant on the oxygen in our bodies. It is vital to metabolism, circulation, respiration, digestion, and elimination processes. Oxygen purifies the blood, keeping it free of cellular waste build up and has the ability to impact low immunity, treat muscular stiffness and increases anaerobic fitness threshold, target fatigue, brain fog and even colds and flu. Each session takes 30min and is recommended in a initial 10 day detox package, followed by as and when needed.

Once off Session R 575
Package of 10
(*must be used within 3months)
R 4600
Sinus Flush R 120
Ear Insufflation R 120
Body Add ons
Back Exfoliation R 250
Full Body Exfoliation R 500
Leg Exfolaition R 250
Scalp Massage 15min R 200
Hot Stone Add on R 100

Hand and Foot Solutions

The condition of your hands or feet will determine the amount of time spent on getting them into pristine order. If your hands / feet are in dire need of a complete overhaul, the recommended time would be the 60 min treatment. If your hands / feet are regularly maintained a 30 min treatment would suffice.

Full House Manicure R 360
Express Manicure R 250
Nail Repaint R 170
Full House Pedicure R 420
Express Pedicure R 300
Eyebrow Tint R 70
Eyelash Tint R 80
Eyelash and Brow Tint R 130

Waxing Solutions

Lip Wax R 85
Chin R 85
Eyebrow Wax and Shape R 90
Full Face Wax R 350
Half Face Wax R 200
Cheeks R 85
Stomach / Navel Lines(ladies) R 80
Half Arm R 130
Full Arm ( Incl Fingers) R 250
Underarm R 120
Full Hollywood (all off) R 280
Brazilian (Landing Strip) R 260
Half Bikini (Sides only) R 170
G-string (Sides and Cheeks) R 220
Half Leg R 270
3/4 Leg R 360
Full leg R 400
Toe Wax R 20
Executive Men Hair removal
Eyebrows R 90
Ears R 50
Nose Wax R 50
Half Face Wax R 225
Back Wax ( Hot Wax) R 400
Back Wax R 300
Half Back Wax R 220
Stomach and Chest Wax R 350
Chest Wax R 200
Stomach R 200
Full Leg Wax (Incl Brief Line) R 500
Full Leg Wax (Excl Brief Line) R 400
Glute Wax (Hot Wax) R 250
* Discount applied when hair growth is sparse
Time based Cost
15 min R 165
30 min R 330
45 min R 495
60 min R 550