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October 2017

October brings a new sense of excitement to the air. December holidays are on the horizon and everybody is knuckling down to make it through the last quarter of the year.

Many of you have commented to me that it’s been a challenging year and that you cannot wait for the Christmas break. Team M.E.G however is on another level. With our store overhaul, we have been refuelled with a new bounce and excitement in our step.

There is nothing like an overhaul, out with the old and in with the NEW!

IMG-20171005-WA0004          image1


IMG-20171005-WA0007      IMG-20171005-WA0005

Touch Therapy

This month we feature a wonder duo of packages that will assist you all with making it through this last stretch. With the pace of life and the over stimulation of technology, a very real primal need is being lost- Touch. Touch therapy is a wonderful way of reconnecting with oneself and meeting a deep primal need. Our expert therapists will make sure that aching muscular tension is worked out with hot-stones, trigger point therapy and stretching.  If your need is to have a more relaxing treatment done, they are able to customise your treatment accordingly. Sound good? Well take the time and invest in yourself, you will not regret it!

Hero of the month – Hydration and Rejuvenation Focus

I have rekindled my love with 2 product innovations this month. I wanted to only focus on 1 but actually, I cannot do without both (hand over eyes)…

Optiphi’s HA Masque – Oh my goodness, where do I begin …

I love this multifunctional mask- I pop it on as a daily “serum” under my moisturiser for all day glow and hydration or I love using it as a overnight treatment. I really enjoyed it after a day of fun in the sun and especially after I  challenged my skin post our NEW LIPO HYDROXY PEEL. High concentrations of Hyaluronic acid, Peptides for  firming leave your skin plump and firm.  Retails at R652 for 75ml #GottaHave #GameChanger



Rejuvenating Revitalizer

Tick tock, tick tock…This revamped formula is in a league of its own… The science: Time Controlled Diffusion Technology improves and prolongs the delivery of active ingredients in Optiphi’s formulations. New generation RETINOL delivery is time controlled allowing for effective and reliable delivery into the lower levels of the skin. Retinol is the gold standard of wrinkle reduction, improvement in skin texture and pigmentation as well as general signs of ageing. This is why I LOVE this formula. Within days you notice a refined texture, improved moisture control, pore size reduction and long term wrinkles firm up and skin discoloration diminishes. Retails at R1845 for 40ml #MultiFunctional #RadicalResults  #LOVE



Time Pressed? Need a Re-script Try “Skype –Sult”






If you are time pressed and cannot make it in for a skin re-script, but know that your current

routine is not targeting your changing skin needs, we now offer Skype consults. Book your “Skype-Sult” and enjoy a new personalised skin care routine tailor made to your needs.

That’s it for this month Folks…

I trust that your October is blessed and highly favoured.



September 2017

Dearest M.E.G Patrons,

The air this morning had that wonderful crispness, laced with jasmine and honeysuckle. Whilst I was watering my newly planted” bee /water friendly garden”, I heard the buzz of the bee’s collecting nectar . AAAAAH deep sigh, It’s that time of the year folks SPRING HAS SPRUNG!!

Can you feel the energy? I sure can and it delights me. This is my favourite season. New beginnings, renewed energy and most importantly, out with the old and in with the new.

Speaking of which, you would have seen some new shop branding and imagery and this is all in line with our new repositioning of our brand and business. Over the next few months you will feel a significant shift in our business. Each core pillar is undergoing radical transformation. We are strengthening our current service offering to deliver more intensive results.

Firstly there is a whisper of a barber …. (fingers crossed)…. Watch this space!!

Secondly, we have a new collagen rejuvenation supplement, ProActive Liquid Collagen, for joints/injuries/inflammation in the body (that has a marvellous impact on skin collagen formation) and is amazing for sports injury recovery and general training

recovery. The Collagen extract is of Bovine origin (bone extract) and comes in 2 flavours of Lemon and Strawberry. I have been on the supplement for 2 weeks now and I am excited as my lower back pain has disappeared. I cannot wait to see the impact on my joints in my knees and fingers. I will continue to track my improvements and keep you all posted! But thus far I am thrilled!!

Available by order this month for only R900 (1 month supply)  Save R350 it has a NAPPI code and can be claimed through Medical aid!

IMG-20170926-WA0011   IMG-20170926-WA0010IMG-20170926-WA0005



….. Thirdly we have 2 new skin treatment offerings


Meet Optiphi’s “ LIPOHYDROXY Peel” (a first in SA).

 This peel works in the pilo-sebaceous gland (oil gland) for 4 days post treatment.

It has a retinol-like effect on the skin, targeting cell by cell exfoliation, and is ideal for acne sufferers. 

Best results are done in a course of treatments over 2 months. They are quick (45min) and can be done over lunch time.

Spring Deal:  6 week Course for Brighter, Clear, Radiant Skin

Experience 4 Glycolic Acid Peels  + 2 Lipohydoxy Acid Peels  & receive 4 LED Free, 20% off The LHA Peel & a Free HA mask

All for R4760 You save R2900 !!!!

Deal Available until 30 September 2017

Our New micro-needling courses are also available from Environ.

Micro needling increases product penetration by 40% and also creates  controlled “micro inflammation” in the skin to encourage collagen and elastin formation

Home care micro-needling (yes, you needle at home and no, there is no blood), coupled with our new treatment course for targeting Icepick scarring, Acne scarring, deep lines and wrinkles, chronic elastocis (rhino hide) and overall skin regeneration, gives serious solutions to serious concerns.

The results are incredible. There is a prerequisite of a 3 week prep phase with VIT A so please book a consult so that we can run you through the course details.


Environ Spring Deal

Book a course of 6 Environ Hands on Vitamin Therapy Skin Treatments & Receive your  7th one free plus a home Micro Needling Kit

Deal Price R3850 Save R 480

More Value for your BUCK!

We know that many of you have had discussions with us around spending less but not compromising the results. It’s such a difficult one to navigate because you know that you get what you pay for. However, we have found a wonderful synergy between our Optiphi Active and Classic ranges and Environ. Where the Active range targets the 7 signs of ageing, The Classic Range targets 3 signs of ageing. So we merge the 2 ranges and get outstanding results at a lesser price.

Please discuss this with your Skin Expert and we will endeavour to find you your perfect solution.





So as you can all see, M.E.G.  is buzzing with new energy and some exciting solutions for your skin and body concerns. We cannot wait to transform your  skin and body to its absolute best! Jump at these offers and you will not regret it- I assure you.

Please pop in to see our new branding and to chat to us about our exciting new offerings

Yours in wellness



August 2017

Dearest MEG Patrons,

Over the past few months I have seen a large shift in the way our “beauty” industry is operating. Key players  have made moves which impact our professional channel in such a significant way , that it has forced me to review our business strategy and direction.


I have never been more certain that the “Specialist” Skin and Body arena is the right weight to be boxing  in. We do no longer want to be playing in the beauty arena, we shall leave that to the retail franchises,  but rather separate and redefine our specialist role as Experts in Sports Massage, Anti ageing skin solutions and Men’s grooming.

The facts present:

We know that our audience (YOU) wants the latest and most result driven treatments.

We know you want value for money, especially when we look at home care solutions You want simplicity: quick 3step routines , no more long winded layering systems You want results


This calls for an exciting menu revamp. There will be a number of new signature treatments being launched (ooooh I know that you will love these exciting offerings) so please watch our social media for more information on this.

Many of you have discussed the affordability of your home care solutions with us and so as promised , we would find you asolution… And it was sitting right under our noses.

Optiphi Skin Rejuvenation Technologies  will easily  provide both our mainline skin treatments solutions as well as home care solutions for fabulous fit , youthful skins.

Environ will still have a presence and Dermalogica will be purchased through our online portal and delivered to your door within 48hrs.

?????????????????                          A84486 Stockist cmyk




Please contact Sarah on za to discuss this avenue further.Please also setup your consultation with your Skin Experts to put yourself  on the right track to skin health. We have a fabulous retail special to encourage your new routine scripting!

Welcome DR P Naidoo – Aesthetic practitioner

We also have thus chosen to affiliate ourselves with an Aesthetic Doctor, Dr Parushinee Naidoo (MBCHb(Wits) Dch (SA) She will be offering her services at M.E.G from August 2017. Her passion lies in working with the skin from a non-invasive perspective. Her service offering will also assist us with our more difficult acne skins to severe pigmentation disorders.  I know that her Oxygen Therapy Skin Treatment will blow you away.

It’s the first of its kind in KZN and we are privileged to have her expertise available to us in our practice.

Please feel free to set up a consult to discuss your skin concerns.



I qualified as a medical doctor from the University of the Witwatersrand in 2001.After completing my internship and community service, I worked in London, where I started my exposure in aesthetics.


I returned to South Africa and continued pursing my passion for aesthetics, expanding my skills in various aesthetic practices including Botox, fillers, skin peels.

I am very excited to be the first doctor in Durban to be trained and accredited to offer the latest in Skin Care innovation,  the Intraceuticals Oxygen Facial.


I look forward to offering MEG clients evidence based, result driven treatments to compliment and enhance their skincare.




As you all know, I have never been a main stream swimmer. MEG has never been a mainstream kind of place. We really pride ourselves in delivering a niche product and experience to our loyal patrons.

From our tailor made treatment experiences to our passion in perusing the latest industry knowledge. We have always pursued the male market and it still remains our core business.

These key factors still set us apart and will always remain our value proposition.

I would like to encourage all of you to try our Indulgence Packages this month as we embrace the New Optiphi Treatment offering. and if any of you have  skin concerns that require a Dr’s attention, please book your consultation.

Optiphi Retail DealIndulgence Month - Body Treatment

Yours in wellness,




July 2017

Dearest Patrons,

Itchy Scratch Club?

Winter is always a time for reflection on one’s skin and body health. With the change in temperatures, as slight as they are, we tend to slack a bit on the exercise and food control.

Unfortunately the skin does not allow us to slack as it gets really uncomfortable and sensitised if we do not obey its plight!

So don’t become part of the itchy scratchy club- allow us to quench your skins (and body) thirst with our 30min customised skin rescue treatment R400, which we have designed to remedy the hydration and sensitivity levels of the skin. It includes LED light therapy (which usually cost R350 alone) so it’s a really great deal and the results are fantastic!

14 day only x


DNA Lifestyle Based Changes

To Bant or Not to Bant-that is the question?….. Whether you are interested in banting or  a DNA Lifestyle diet, we have a wonderful affiliated specialist Kerryn Gibson, Registered Dietitian, Specialised in Sport and Paediatric Nutrition, that has written an awesome article on DNA Lifestyle Dieting posted on our website.

Please go to to check it out….You can find her contact details on our partners page if you would like to schedule a consult. Kerryn will be a regular contributor to our Newsletters… Welcome Kerryn!




LVL Enhance Nouveau Lashes

Created exclusively by Nouveau Lashes, LVL Enhance is the revolutionary natural lash treatment ,

taking the beauty industry by storm. It adds length, volume and lift to your natural lashes. With no

extensions , no adhesives and no mascara. It is gentle and natural and done in just 45min.

Each treatment lasts 6-8 weeks and only requires a serum for maintenance.

Book with Naz – our LVL Expert  for R595 today. Bring a friend and get 10% off your set this July.






We love your feedback…

MEG stocks 3 Brands : Dermalogica, Optiphi and Environ. We want to know if we were to discontinue one of our brands, would it impact your patronage? Or do you visit us for our expert advice and trust our prescriptions and advice as long as it meets your budgetary planning?

Please email with your comments.

That’s it for this month… We look forward to seeing you in store before you sign up for the Itchy scratchy club;-)

Best wishes




May 2017

Dearest  M.E.G. Patrons

I never understood the whole hype around Mother’s Day until I became one.  Now I totally get it!

I absolutely love the planning and whispering that goes into the big “mom spoil” … which of course is put

together by the mastermind of my adoring hubby.

Its not the size of the gift , its actually all about the presenting moment for me. Priceless!

I love how proudly my little Leo ,, with his baby brother, Noah and dad in tow, will come and bless me with home picked flowers and a home made card and breakkie (last year it was a plate of marie biscuits)… and the big sloppy kisses and “I love you mom” … that instant is what fills my love cup and makes it over flow…

I love being a MOM!

Now, I know that many of your other halves may be past this cute phase of child rearing.

You may not quite get away with home grown flowers, kisses and marie biscuits… and so for those of you

needing a great easy solution to filling your mum’s love cup with appreciation and spoils, MEG, your favourite specialist skin centre, has the solution for you.

Our top 5  list of gift ideas for Mom this Mothers day:

  •  PURE INDULGENCE: 2.5 Hours for  R1300 : Full body exfoliation, Full body massage, Anti ageing microzone facial. And MEG’s gift to her is a choice of either an express pedi or mani OR the *NEW Stress Positive Eye Lift Treatment
  • TIME PRESSED REFRESH: 1h15 for R690 : Back massage and Anti ageing microzone facial and MEG spoils mom with a Back exfoliation.
  • Our Spa Pedi for R330
  • Full body massage with hotstones for tension relief R515
  • Purchase her a voucher for her choice of treatment or retail spend

So breathe… now you have ticked the box for moms spoil you can now ease yourself into mothers day weekend feeling chuffed, knowing that you have for once got her pressie well in advance.

IMG-20170502-WA0001    M.E.G mothers day FB posts  Bring-your-skin-back-to-beautiful-Original-Discovery-Promo-here-Environ-Skin-Care



Calling all Sani2C Mountainbikers !!!

9181  Our-free-Sani-kit IMG-20170502-WA0020


Pre Race During Race Post Race
Make sure you have had your last sports massage to insure that all lactate and last minute niggles are seen to. Be sure to stretch & foam roll post race Drink beer
Epsom Salt bath & remember the cold shower afterwards to flush all the lactate into the lymphatic system. Eat!!Be sure to get nutrition into your body within 40 min of finishing each stage,  to replenish your glycogen levels ( this insures you can get up & go the next morning too ) Celebrate the journey
Drink lots of water… & take a dose ofcal mag before bed If you are camping & not having post ride massage, be sure to wear your compression pants all afternoon & sleep in them. It will make a huge difference to lymphatic & lactateremoval from the muscles. Epsom salt bath &cold shower
Stretch & foam roll the night before &pop your compression pants on You cannot stretch enough & if you can get off your feet & get your legs up, do so! Wait a few days & visityourfavourite MEG therapist to relieve those tight & fatigued legs & body.Remember that your recovery is critical to have you up and training faster so do not be tempted to train too soon!
Remember to check your race bag has Spf, cramp tablets, small pack of wet wipes & sports nutrition.
Cocktail a small tube of bactroban into your bum/chafe cream. Trust me it makes a big difference!!

Good luck and enjoy every moment!!

That’s it for this month folks. Now that we are through all the public holidays, and business is as usual, we look forward to seeing you all in store.


Shaan and Team MEG.


April 2017

Dearest MEG Patrons,


I stood in a queue at the pharmacy dispensary this week awaiting a script, when I overheard the gentleman in front of me, explaining to the pharmacist about how he had just been booked off for 10 days to recoup.

Failure to do so would mean he would land up in hospital facing a mental and physical breakdown.


He was so young and should have been abounding in energy, yet I could see that he was so very stressed and I thought to myself, its only the first quarter of the year but people are burnt out already!!


Again it reminded me about the whole ”balance” juggle in our lives. Why are we so very poor at getting it right?

Why do we not treasure our health and vitality enough to make serious changes that really make an impact on our

quality of life? Surely we were not put on this earth to only work?

There has to be an equal amount of play too…


Again I am reminded that that is part of our purpose at M.E.G. Its far greater than all the “spit and polishing ”we do,

its more about refuelling you to cope with life’s stressors. To put back what you take out (and more) on a daily basis!

It’s our honour.

See April as the month of refocusing on you and doing what it takes to allow you to not only cope but live life fully!

Put those running shoes on, plug in the ipod and hit the tar or the beach or the treadmill. Sweat. Breathe. Stretch.

Feel the endorphins kick in (pure happiness) or if reading a book with a glass of vino or singing out loud or even playing more with your kids is your thing- DO IT!

Spend time doing more of the things that top you up rather than empty you out!

I know M.E.G. will naturally be part of that solution (wink wink)… Sports massage, Hot-stone massage, Reflexology,

Skin Rejuvenation or Grooming… Leave it to us your experts, we can expertly undo all that stress and tension.

Just to help you along your path to a NEW YOU- we have created some awesome value add packages to help bring you in more frequently and give you even more value for your buck!

The challenge is on…what changes will you make to change your rut?

See you in store…

Yours in wellness

Shana and Team MEG



Value Add Packages this April

April 2017 packages

Teen deal

February 2017

Dearest M.E.G Patrons,

Fabulous February celebrates #FeelTheLove #MyFaceMyStory campaign at M.E.G.

We have custom built the perfect treatment combinations to give you absolute pure indulgence as you celebrate the month of LOVE!


#FeelTheLove #MyFaceMyStory campaign will be something a little different for us and we are asking you to take part in it. When you visit M.E.G this February, post your treatment experience (on Facebook or Instagram) with #FeelTheLove #MyFaceMyStory and how we have changed your skin and stand in line to win our Royals Royce Skin Experience worth R1500.

Follow these simple steps

1. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram

2. Post your treatment experience with the #FeelTheLove #MyFaceMyStory

3. Stand a chance to win!!!

Environmental Pollution and Skin Ageing

We have been inundated with skins that are showing accelerated signs of ageing due to environmental pollution and sun exposure. The reality is that we are surrounded by pollution in all forms and our skins ability to withstand all the assault is compromised and is mostly a losing battle.

The exciting news is that we have many treatment solutions to remedy the problem. Between Vitamin A,

antioxidants, Activated charcoal, Red Algae, Niacinamide and Tara Fruit extract (yes watch this space, we have a very exciting new product launching soon) we are able to reverse the pollution’s  impact on your skin but also increase the benefits of the actives that follow suit.





Microneedling, Glycolic peels and LED Light Therapy are all ways in that we are able to step up the efficacy of the results, so please pop in and allow one of our Skin Experts to advise you in this exciting solution before you decide to go down the “injectable” pathway.




I have always felt strongly about building a strong foundation with how skins behave through good home care solutions.

When the bricks are in place, treating the surface cracks is easy as the skin responds quickly.

Skin Health is what we advocate and so if you do not have a good routine in place allow us to help. It’s better late the never!

75 min pure indulgence


Fabulous february

Be Blessed



December 2016

Dearest M.E.G. Patrons

We are finally a “tweenie”…

I write this mail with a very proud heart! Today M.E.G, your favourite specialist skin & body centre celebrates 11 years of practice! Happy Birthday M.E.G.! (hip hip hooray)

What a wonderful celebration and thank you all for your ongoing support to our business!

I am always aware of how very blessed we are to have such awesome clientele; whom year in and out, faithfully support our business. I still remember the humble days at East Coast Radio House when I was jack of all trades.

Today I boast a team of 7 staff.

I am also grateful for my amazing team. Zama (operations) has been in our employment for all 11 years, Sarah (Front Desk) for 7 of them, Nana (Senior Therapist) for 2years, Naz (Senior Therapist) for 3years; and now Peace and Shivona (Therapists);

I hope will continue to grow and thrive in our environment for many years to come. Thank you all for sharing my vision and pursuing our dreams. You guys are real superstars and are what I consider to be our industry’s finest!

FREE VALUE ADD: In celebration of this awesome milestone, we would like to offer patrons that book their skin or body

treatments on Tuesday or Wednesday’s to enjoy a value add session. You are able to choose from a list of treatments (see below) as an add on to your MEG experience for December. Enjoy!!

December 2016 Special




And in closing, I would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a most blessed 2017! Enjoy your well-deserved breaks and thrive on quality family time and remember the Christ in Christmas!

M.E.G is open throughout the festive season so be sure to book your post Christmas treatments and early January treatments to get you all spruced up for the NEW YEAR!

Be Blessed




November 2016

Celebrating Men in “Movember”…

This month we dedicate our newsletter to all the special men in our lives. All of them… Grandfathers, fathers, brothers,

partners, sons, nephews , cousins and friends.


Men’s health is something we should talk about more often. Men, unlike woman, do not like to discuss their own health.

They believe that they are invincible and that their bodies will not fail them. They have, over their entire

lifetime, believed that they are the warriors, family protectors and providers. This is why men are able to go to war to defend what is dear to them.


However in today’s life that is surrounded by stress and toxic lifestyles, “empty” foods, work that gets faster and more

demanding each year – it is now more pressing and serious to STOP and take stock of your own health!


How well are you really?


As skin and body therapists we use your skin, as a good guide, to your health. Because it is the largest

living organ in our bodies, we believe that what is going on in the inside manifests on the outside.


It’s the real reason you need to check in with your expert therapist at least 1 x per month.

Let her assess and guide your skin/body health journey.

Be it a skin treatment or a stress relieving massage, we are here to help you manage the balance.


That is why we have revamped our consultation to address not only your skin and body needs but especially your mood and overall

wellbeing. We want you to walk away feeling like we have addressed your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.


Invest the time in yourself, you will not regret it!

So to help encourage you to invest in yourself, we are offering ALL OUR MEN a 20%

discount off all our  BIG 5 SERVICES: 

 The Body Treatment


The Skin Treatment


The Hand Treatment


The Foot Treatment


All waxing/shearing

*Only one of each at this discount (per person) between 7th-16th November


I would like to encourage you all to try something new this November- change is as good as a holiday and you never know,

you may find your new love mark.


With Christmas around the corner we have some amazing Retail specials, savings and gifts to help

encourage you to stock up on all your favourites… Don’t leave your Christmas shopping to the 24th

December like last year, let us take the stress out of it, with a one stop shop! Happy shopping!!


We look forward to investing in you as you invest in yourself!!


Yours in wellness

Shana and Team MEG




October 2016

Dearest Patrons,

Are you feeling it? Hot, bright colours, more skin, less clothes, radiant glowing skins, swimming pools, beach time, gorgeous early sunrises, cooling afternoon showers and my best… open toed shoes.

Ooh its my absolute BEST Season!


Salon of the year:

2016Pro-Beauty-Awards2M.E.G. was placed as the runner up in the Men’s Grooming Salon of the year. All judges did give us the feedback that our services were by far the best. We fell short in the fact that we have a 20% female contingency… I guess we were in the wrong category. Nevertheless it’s a fabulous award and I am uber proud of my team! Superstars you rock!!

So we have just 3 months left to this year, are you going to finish STRONG? Team MEG has gathered such magnificent momentum and I know we are coming into the finish on an absolute HIGH. Why you might ask? Well firstly, we have a full complement of staff – Hooray at long last we have all our puzzle pieces (wink wink)!!!

IMG-20161005-WA0001Delightful Peace Mongoato joined our team of superstars a month ago and she has settled beautifully. Many of you have experienced her amazing healing hands already. She comes with 11 years industry

experience and works with careful attention to detail and love.

Her massage, hand and foot treatments are incredible and her skin treatments will leave you feeling brand new.

Support her as she builds her career at MEG: The Skin & Body Experts.BOOK ME AN APPOINTMENT WITH PEACE

Saturdays: We have also increased our staff complement over Saturdays. We now have 3-4 therapists working every Saturday. The superstars work from 8am-4pm, bookings are essential!

Christmas has come early: We have 4 specials running this month… There is a little something for everybody to participate in.  You snooze you loose!

 Book me in for the October Skin Focus Special

60 min skin




I want a Dermalogica Special

dermalogica retail special oct 2016


I want an Environ Special

Environ October special


I want an Optiphi Special

Optiphi retail special Oct 2016


So that’s it for now folks! The team and I really look forward to seeing you in store! I hope that you will allow us to gear you for the final 3 months, and remember that with it being cancer awareness month, if you have any suspicious lesions, GET THEM CHECKED OUT- do not be an Ostrich!

Be blessed,



August 2016

Dearest Patrons,

My oh My, do we have so much in-store excitement this August!


Firstly we would like to thank our patrons for nominating MEG for the Professional Beauty Awards 2016 – Male Grooming Salon of the Year. We are 1 of 3 finalists in the category. This is a National competition and once the 2 judges have experienced some of our MEG magic, we will know how fair we are against the opposition.

The winners will be announced on the 28th August. We wait with baited breath and really hope that we will get to put our mark on the industry.



For those of you who have had reactions to tints in the past, we are excited to

introduce an Austrian imported tint by RefectoCil, designed especially for those of you who really struggle with irritation or sensitivity post eyelash or brow tint.

The whole process takes 5 minutes! Tints last 5-6 weeks long.



We are excited to launch Beard tinting for our male patrons that would prefer a more ‘polished’ look VS the distinguished or uneven coloured beards.

It takes all of 10 minutes and will cost you R150.


When you purchase your “famous 4” ( Cleanser, Toner, VIT A moisturiser and SPF) receive 50% off your Environ Facial.






Enjoy Free LED with your  45min IONACTIVE SKIN TREATMENT this month. Save R350.



Enjoy complimentary LED with your Glycolic Peel this August – Save R350


Serums Aug16

As you can see we have lots of rewards for your spend this August and we cannot wait to see you all soon.

Be sure to book well in advance as our diaries are jam packed and we hate to not meet your treatment request!

Please note that MEG will be closed on the 3rd of August 2016 for Voting Day.


Be blessed and have a great August.

Yours in wellness




July 2016

Dearest MEG Patrons,


 For the past 17 years I have worked with Dermalogica as my professional brand of choice. I often joke that my blood is grey. So you can imagine, that it took a lot persuading and feedback from our loyal patrons, to even think outside of my “grey box”: the need presented; we needed a more affordable skin care solution for our current economic climate.


When I set out to find an alternative, I did not think that I would ever find anything remotely close to the results that I was used to seeing in skins. I wanted to go the “local is lekker” route so that we did not have to face the RANDS:DOLLAR exchange scenario



I tested 4 brands on my own skin. A very scary experience for myself as my skin is really used to only the finest…and I soon came to know that you get what you pay for… until I was persuaded by Kate Edwards (ex MEG Senior therapist, now head Trainer for Environ Distribution here in KZN) to try ENVIRON. And as they say, the rest is history. I am super impressed.

Its so exciting to work with a brand that is local, scientific and packs a punch! My skin is looking youthful and better than it has in ages.

The BIG question has been, will we still stock Dermalogica and Optiphi? Absolutely!


A84486 Stockist cmyk

Each brand has its place and love-mark in your lives. We now simply have a proudly South

African brand that is affordable and result driven. I want to be known for changing skins not just maintaining them which is exactly what was happening with many of you.

You were only using the basics to maintain your skins as the customizes were in-affordable.

Now we can offer you all the best solutions for your skins demands. Hooray!!! No compromise.


Attached find the Environ Price list for your browsing pleasure. We also offer their skin treatments.

Its conceptually different from what you are used to but the end results are fabulous! Priced at R480-R520 for 60minute.

Please connect with us for a Consultation and prescription, you will not regret it!


Simply email : Book me for an ENVIRON consultation.


I look forward to hearing back from all of you.

Have a fabulous July!

Warmest wishes




June 2016

Dearest Patrons,

For some, its all doom and gloom- and for others, its excitement brewing… I guess it depends on whether you see the glass half full or half empty? I know that everything around us is screaming “economic crunch time” “instability” and “ trouble on the horizon” but I feel differently. I think it’s a wonderful land of opportunity, for as long as each of you face external stresses, MEG continues to provide a light in the darkness.

I like to think of us as a sanctuary where you can escape your world, reset and refuel.

Not a day goes past without the comments of, “I feel brand new” or “ I don’t know what I would do without this service, you are a life saver” or “ thank you for changing my skin…”

This will always be the driving force behind the success of MEG: The Skin & Body Experts.

Changing and impacting the lives of YOU, OUR LOYAL PATRONS!

 I say, “Bring on the last 6 months of 2016” WE ARE READY!!!

June is an exciting month for us. We celebrate the majority of our clientele- MEN! Happy Fathers Day to all of you wonderful Dads! I pray that your day is Fan{tash}tic! Don’t forget to ask the family for an MEG Voucher…so we can spoil you too.


We launch our new Dermalogica IonACTIVE Power Treatment. This 45min high impact treatment is designed to work in conjunction with our LED light therapy. It’s the finest ingredients activated by touch and then driven deeper into the skin with LED. It delivers outstanding results for Pigmentation, Acne, Dehydrated skins and Ageing.

Retinol IonActive Treatment  ( For Visible signs of ageing) + LED -R 590

HA IonActive ( Intense Hydration) Treatment +LED -R 495

Pigmentation IonActive Treatment + LED -R 495

Acne IonActive Treatment + LED -R 590


Again, Dermalogica has really gone to #AnotherWholeNewLevel in treatment results/solutions to your skins every need.

We look forward to seeing you this month. Take care and remember that there is only one you. So invest in YOU!

Take time out, connect with your deeper self and live life fully!

Be blessed






Dearest MEG Patrons,


In a time when we are surrounded by doom and gloom, it is easy to fall prey to negative thinking. It becomes a quick downward spiral and before you know it, you are speaking and believing those negative thoughts. It’s a dangerous game to play. And so in the midst of all this type of chatter, I find myself challenging my thought life. The facts remain the same. I do not want to become a statistic of the economic situation or dwell on the gloom of what the government is or isn’t doing. Its time to rise above the negative press and focus on what we can do in the natural: I want to survive and THRIVE! M.E.G is going to have a year of accelerated growth as I feel it is a land of opportunity. Where some businesses are afraid, I am feeling fearless! We are going to operate smarter and better and deliver service like never before.
So watch this space, we have a number of exciting concepts up our sleeve, that I know you are going to love!


Us girls love Valentines Day! Don’t kid yourself when we play it down- we really do love the extra whispers of endearment, the thoughtful little notes or flowers & chocolates… It makes us feel special – we think ,”YES HE LOVES ME STILL! “ I know its silly but know that we expect to be loved all year round , and some extra on Valentines day too! So if you fell into the category of thinking it was ok to just wish her- you can still redeem yourself… with our awesome February special and remember that when mamma’s happy- everybody is happy

Feel the Love - Feb 2016


On the topic of LOVE, we have not been loving the Rand /Dollar exchange rate..

All of our suppliers are implementing a 10% price increase across the board (Dermalogica and Optiphi) which means that we will be implementing a 10% increase in both services and retail as of 1 March 2016. Please top up on product before the end of February.
Simply pop Sarah an email with your order and she can invoice it out to you (settle via EFT) and if you are in a radius of MEG, I will gladly deliver to your door.

For those of you that are finding the prices of our LOVE marks a bit hefty, we have introduced the Optiphi Classic Range.
It is well priced, delivers on its word and is a great way to help you keep your skin looking and feeling great without compromise.
I personally love their moisturisers, masks and cleansers. Please enquire upon your next visit as to how we can impact your bottom line spend.


hydraBlur’ primer – a Primer that visibly reduces pore size and boosts luminosity and hydration 3 in 1

Dermalogica launched its latest addition to its Primer range, hydrablur’ primer. Most skin primers offer flawless finishes for make up application but this Primer blurs the lines between skin health and make up in one tube. It’s just the perfect addition to your skin routine when you are looking for something to visibly (and instantaneously) reduce pore size whilst increasing luminosity in the skin. It can be used by both men and woman in their daily routines and I expect will become one of your new “love marks”. It will be in store from March, retailing at R850
How to Use:
1) Cleanse
2) Tone
3) Moisturise + SPF
4) Prime
5) (Makeup)


















Our Signature Epsom Salts have undergone a serious revamp .They are pimped up with mustard seed (warming and flushing effect), essential oils of Lavender, Eucalyptus and Rosemary (excellent for relaxation and aching muscles) .
It’s a complete sensory explosion for your body, not to mention that it does a fab job of detoxing and ridding your body of unwanted lactic acid. R150 gets you about 8-10 baths! An absolute must have!!
Tattoo Removal – ND YAG Laser machine
We are offering Laser tattoo removal at R100 per shot. Each shot has the circumference equivalent to a 20c piece. Its highly effective and usually requires 2-3 sessions for the desired outcome. Is it painful? A bit but is over very quickly.

That’s it for now folks. Thank you all for your ongoing faithful support and patronage. We continue to endeavour to deliver the best service, the finest treatment experiences and the expert advice.
We look forward to seeing you soon.
Yours in wellness







Picture2Dearest MEG Patrons,

Nothing excites me more than new product innovations! And this month we have 3 new product features being released on the market.

DYK: 25-83% of the skins ageing is contributed to by UV exposure? So in tackling both premature and existing ageing we need to firstly target UV protection. Prevention is better than cure I say and thus Sun Protection Factors are a daily must, regardless of rain or shine. As long as there is light , there is UV ray exposure!

Secondly we need to reverse the signs of ageing by increasing cellular renewal.

Thirdly, increase barrier function and thus the skins natural protective mechanism, and lastly increase collagen production.

MEG’ s approach to Anti-Ageing:

There is a multi- prong approach to targeting aging in your skin.

1) Professional Peeling/ Exfoliation: Glycolic Peels are the perfect way to accelerating the skins cell renewal cycle. We are able to
completely renew your whole outer epidermis within 48hrs.

The benefits of a Glycolic Peel are :
→ Increased cellular activity,
→ Improved appearance of sun damaged skins,
→ Improved elasticity and firmness,
→ Increased Collagen ,
→ Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles,
→ Improved skin texture
→ Brighter, lighter skins
→ No down time!!

2) Professional LED and Micro Current Technology:

We love the results of LED technology with our Peels. By utilising different light wavelengths we are able to stimulate ATP production that revs up cellular renewal by 300% . This means more efficient RNA and DNA production, Increased Collagen and Elastin fibre production, GAG production and product penetration and much more.. This painless add-on is a real game changer for accelerated results.

Microcurrent Technology for non –surgical face lifting is a wonderful way of lifting and firming lax facial muscles. Done as a once off (special occasion) or in a course (8) for long term effects. We see it as an alternative option to Botox!

These 2 technologies can be done one after the other with a peel for the “ULTIMATE” Anti-ageing result!

Book an “ Ultimate Technology Skin Treatment “ this month for R1043 and receive your BT Face Lift Free worth R250!
PS, Once you have experienced this treatment- there is no going back

3) Clever Ingredient Technology at Home:
Dermalogica and Optiphi now showcase Retinol Serums that have been clinically proven to change collagen production and reverse the signs of ageing. Retinol is a very unstable molecule that has been known to increase redness and irritation. However Dermalogica has found a way of encapsulating it, and now we have accelerated product penetration and delivery without any known side effects.

Welcome Overnight Retinol Repair!

This product incorporated into your night time routine will give you your desired results within a short space of time.

Optiphi Has released its competitive product “Intense Retinol Serum. Again, clever technology in a smart delivery vehicle with no known side effects.

Its really about which brand you love and support.
Overnight Retinol Serum , 30ml R 1350Picture3
Intense Retinol Serum , 30ml R R1095
Please pre-order as we have limited access to these stock items!











Picture6Shana Giessing, I am 8 weeks away from the birth of our second Bambino. Please note that I will be practicing therapy until the 31’st of October and then assuming a coaching role with my team to ensure that all runs smoothly whilst I am away on maternity leave.
I would like to encourage you all to pop in for your last session with me this month but also so I can hand you over to either Nana, Elmarie , Angelika or Naz.

I promise you that you will be more than well taken care of over this period of time!

Picture7Sarah Daniels: Skin Centre Manageress

I am thrilled to announce that Sarah Daniels has been promoted to Manageress! She has been running our ship ( a hero with no title until this point) for 6 years now and I know that she is more than equipped and able to steer the team in my absence.
Congratulations Sarah and thank you for being my passionate side kick! May your new title and position allow you to thrive and shine


Picture8Elmarie Gouws: New therapist joins our tribe

Elmarie Gouws will be joining our team from next week. Elmarie has worked both locally and abroad on cruise liners as a skin and body expert. Her strengths lie in her attention to detail, her passion for changing skins and healing bodies.
We are excited to have her on board with us and we know that it will be a long and happy experience!
Welcome Elmarie!


That’s it for now, we hope to see you in store for our “ultimate anti-ageing experience”
Thank you always for your ongoing loyal patronage and support of our skin and body centre

Best Wishes,




Dearest MEG Patrons,

I must first apologise for not having been in touch sooner. MEG has just survived its busiest June and July in 10 years.
We have been so super blessed with the most incredible new business and of course you, our loyal wonderful patrons, have been uber stressed and have kept us on our toes. Although winter has been mild, the cold snaps have had a huge impact on your skins and so we have re-scripted many of you too. Nevertheless, we have loved the challenge and we are pleased to report that there are happier skins out there!


This year has thrown many curve balls at me regarding change in staff. I have always had a pretty consistent base of loyal staff but this year has seen my 3 senior therapist being head hunted, leaving the industry or retiring from therapy. The challenge has been to find the right fit to fill the very big shoes left behind and after interviewing over 30 ladies, I know I have finally found some gems. I know you will enjoy the new team as will I enjoy the fresh new blood that flows through the veins of MEG.





Social Media

Social media is one of those things that you either love or hate! And as I personally have fought against the trend to use
social media to drive business, I fear I cannot ignore it any longer.

We will be utilising our MEG FaceBook page/ Twitter and Instagram to drive all of our marketing. We will have weekly and sometimes daily pop up specials on both treatment and products. We will only release this information on our FaceBook and Twitter feeds and so I would like to encourage you to follow us and reap the rewards.

Facebook : MEG Skin and Body Experts

Twitter: @MEGSkinBody

Instagram: megskin_bodyexperts

As we are all starting to shake of the winter “cobwebs” we have decided to focus on hands and feet this month. We have an awesome special designed to hit all your sensory touch points. The first 10 bookings also get an added gift from Spalicious, worth R160.



Again, thank you for always supporting us so faithfully and allowing us to touch your lives. We love changing your skins and bodies!
Best Wishes,

Shana Giessing

JUNE 2015

Whew! You have made it to the half way mark of the year… And this of course marks a high- light on our marketing calendar, as we celebrate all the wonderful Dad’s out there!

When Pappas HAPPY, Everybody is HAPPY



I have always maintained that a way to a man’s heart is … through his feet and not through his stomach. And for this reason (just because we adore Dad’s), Team MEG would like to spoil our dad patrons with a complimentary foot treatment with any 60 min booking in the week pre and post Fathers day ( 13th- 25th June)! Yip all you have to do is book either a 60 min massage or skin treatment and the spoil is yours, on us!!

Ladies and children, if you are stuck for a gifting idea, your dads have told us that you can spoil them with a gift voucher from MEG. It’s really all that they want! Keep it sweet and simple and that way by keeping Pappa happy- EVERYBODY IS HAPPY! Email for email vouchers.

Are you part of the ITCHY SCRATCHY CLUB?

Although we are blessed with a mild winter, your skins will still be experiencing some changes. For every degree in temperature it drops, your skin will produce 10 % less oil. For the oilier skins, I guess you will be doing a happy dance but for the oil dry skins, you may be feeling like you could be joining the itchy and scratchy club! Devitalised, dull, sensitised and lined skin are all biomarkers of ageing and so before they set in to be permanent features, allow TEAM MEG to remedy the problem. We have an awesome special running this month that when you purchase 2 Advanced Skin treatments (Glycolic peel or AGE smart Skin Treatment) you will receive a 30 min back massage and a back scrub worth R531. That’s a massive saving and an awesome deal!

Book 2 x Advanced Skin Treatments for R1350 and receive a FREE Back massage and back scrub worth R531! (T&C.. must be booked and utilised in JUNE 2015)



We have brought a new manicure/pedicure range into MEG. Not only will our hand and foot treatments become more of a sensor explosion, but the end results are phenomenal. And for those of you that would like to indulge in some of the home care, the range has body butters, scrubs, cuticle creams, self heating scrubs, massage candles and also muscle relief gels. Its well-priced and also makes for a wonderful gift.



One of the most rewarding parts of doing what we do is that we work with some very determined and passionate sportsman/woman. To all of our Comrades athletes, well done! You are all hero’s in our eyes regardless of your finishing times.
You took your body and mind to places where most of us would never dare venture. We have loved being a part of your training program and helping to get you to the start line, injury free!

And that’s it for this month. We look forward to seeing you all in store!
Best wishes,



The Power of Touch


July holidays have come and gone and so has the half way mark to this year. (Yikes , where has the time gone?) I had the privilege of witnessing Kate in action this past month as she presented to a corporate on the “Power of TOUCH”! Her topic had such a profound impact on me. I am after‐all a therapist to the heart. I of all people know the power of touch but what I had forgotten is how social networking, smart phones and modern technology have impacted the quality of touch I have with my loved ones. I went home and made a conscience decision to change a few things that I knew I was a guilty of. I hope you enjoy her insert this month as much as I did.. and that you too, take some of it on board. Naturally it lends itself to our “POWER OF TOUCH” theme for August! We cannot wait to treat you to our sensory haven experience! Read More

A Whole New Role

I am so excited at the year ahead. I cannot believe that we are half way through March and almost finished our first quarter of the year. I personally have had an interesting start to the year with learning the art of master juggler: Doting wife, Loving mother and Business woman. I never imagined that I would ever be able to get it all in. Like anything new, it takes a period of adjustment but I am pleased to report that I am well into the swing of things. I have a new found respect for working moms. Read More


The Month of Love – Valentines Day

Greetings from the MEG flight deck!

Aaah February, the month of more LOVE! Some love it. Some ignore it. Some simply forget about it. As 80% of our patrons are men, we know that the majority of you are too busy to even consider acknowledging this one day and most of you openly admit that it’s just the retailers way of increasing sales. Some take the stance of “you should show your significant other that you love her every day!”. Read More

MEG Valentine specials

Movember campaign – Enter and Win!

MEG Newsletter - November

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Our skins are excellent score keepers!

MEG Newsletter October

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M.E.G is Moving – This is our time!

Our time to finally move out of the basement and into the sunshine! MEG’s relocation and launch of its brand-new store happens this month- Hip hip hooray! I know some of you will miss our current space…. I’m sure you’ll agree that it has served us well!

Often there are moments I find myself reminiscing at the early days where you all quite liked disappearing below ground (looking all rugged and unkept ) and mysteriously re-appearing all polished. Now you simply always just look good! And there is no need to disappear below ground as we have done our job well and you have all been educated in the art of fine grooming and total body wellness!

However with that being said, you are all as ready as what we are, for our new chapter and I just know you are going to LOVE the fresh new look of our new store. We have views of the lake, natural light and wonderful neighbours and easy shop visibility. It is everything that we have dreamed of and I cannot wait to rejoice with all of you, our loyal Patrons.

For the record our new address is:
Mayfair on the Lake
Ground floor
2 The High Street
Umhlanga Ridge

We will drop you a mail with directions and our exact date of relocation closer to the time so keep your eye on your inbox.

Improved Daylight Defence System : protect against your skins worst enemy
With it being October and summer knocking on our door we are thrilled to share with you the new addition to the Dermalogica Skin Line. There has been a reclassification of SPF’s do’s and don’ts and in keeping with the FDA’s requirements Dermalogica has upgraded and improved their already awesome Solar Defence segment line.

The new UV smart Booster technology delivers antioxidants C and E upon exposure thereby
protecting the skin from harmful UV rays. Oleosome Technology are naturally- occurring moisture- rich spheres which deliver sunscreen agents directly to the skin and release them over time for maximum protection. This technology allows us to increase SPF performance while actually using fewer chemical sunscreens, resulting in a product that is even less likely to cause sensitivity.

We all know that UV rays wreak havoc upon your skin , resulting in collagen & elastin breakdown (wrinkles) not to mention hyper pigmentation and loss of elasticity (sagging skins). As if this structural damage is not enough, unprotected UV exposure is directly linked to an increased risk of skin cancers. 1 in 3 cancers diagnosed each year are skin cancers! Dermalogica’s Daylight Defence system has an elegant texture to it that wears like a moisturiser and there is a choice for every type of skin concern. There is no longer an excuse as we have choice for your every need.


We have an incredible gift with purchase this month : when you purchase one of the new SPF’s and one other full size Dermalogica product you receive a gift of a Multivitamin Body Block SPF 20 or Waterblock Solar Spray SPF 30 (worth R450 each). We have limited stock available on this special please hurry and take advantage of this awesome deal.

“2012 the year of abundant favor”

Volume 7, Issue 1 13.01.2012


If you are reading this newsletter, chances are you are back in the office and your December holiday is starting to fade into the distant past.
The reality of the looming year is beginning to hit home and you are probably thinking- when can I schedule in my next break away ? Where are all the public holidays and what am I going to do about the extra holes I had to add to my belt this morning?

Well , a very warm welcome to you! The team and I are on fire for 2012 . We have already had our strategic planning, marketing calendars are in place and goals have been set! This ship has set its course and we are thrilled to share some key features with you for this up coming year.

Firstly we are pleased to welcome Ayesha Kajee onto our permanent staff . Ayesha joined us a part time therapist last year and we are all too delighted that you loved her work so much , that we have offered her a permanent position within our team. Her mandate is somewhat different in that she will focus her talents on building our ” Executive Ladies Club”. She is particularly great with them and teenagers (the fastest growing segment in our industry) .We would like to encourage you to support her in this effort. If you have teenagers that require skin care and grooming, please consider MEG. We will also have a specific pricing to meet the teenage skin budget.

Losing our focus?……Never!!

So I guess you are wondering if we are losing our focus? And moving towards your average “beauty salon”, offering services to men and woman alike and before long the pink fluffy cushions and rose petals are going to appear as everyday apparel in your favorite Specialist Skin Center?
Over my dead body!

We know that our formula has worked for you in the past. Why change what has worked for us? All that I am doing is slightly shifting our positioning to a specialist skin center…. MEG : The Skin and Body Experts: Specializing in Men’s Grooming, problematic skin disorders and sports massage.

So you gents will always be our core focus, we simply will not shy away from problematic skins (adult acne, pigmentation and aging) be it in either of the sexes. Our skin center look and feel will remain as is. (We know you like it)

Part of the thinking behind ‘the shift in positioning’ has to do with our new location. We will be rubbing shoulders with Durban’s finest doctors and specialists. Leaving us open to welcome any referred business as we are still on track for our May move to Durban North and I am so very excited for all the awesome amenities our new premises will offer you all.

We are sill looking for a dynamic Dermatologist to join the practice, please refer any enquiries to me

Anti-Ageing Skin Care

The industry as a whole is taking some interesting leaps within the Anti Ageing technology realm. Dermalogica is launching another addition to its “Age Smart line” this February. And we are still working excitedly with our Bio Therapeutic Anti Ageing Skin Smart machinery. Micro current and ultra sonic currents are rapidly changing the outcome of our treatments efficacy. If you have not experienced our new Smart Technology, you are missing out hugely!

What’s instore in January?

BT Micro an add-on to any of your treatments
That is why we have focused our January special around getting every one of you to enjoy BT Micro as an add-on to any of your treatments.
Why would you want Micro current technology in your treatments? Well to put it simply: it keeps your skin functioning like an energetic teenager’s one. Revitalized, plumped and line free!

Ask your favorite therapist to include it in your skin treatment, massage, mani or pedi… Or even waxing.
You have everything to gain and nothing to loose, except your newly acquired increased girth size from all the yummy Christmas indulgences!

I’ll check in with you all more regularly as we progress with our building project. I want to thank you all in advance for all your support. We are so excited to be taking on this year with both hands. We plan to grow from strength to strength and our new premises will be the proof in the pudding!

Here’s to all of you this fine year. May all your businesses thrive and may 2012 be a year of abundant favor in your working and personal lives.

special January 2012 skin treatment, massage, mani or pedi

Warm Regards,
Shana Giessing


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