Ageless Activegel 30ml




A skin calming and redness reduction therapy, recommended for irritated, sensitive and red skin areas. Additionally, an effective aftershave gel and moisturizer for men. This comforting gel significantly improves skin tone, colour and radiance by supporting circulation through the use of Hesperidin. Environmental stressors such as heat, UV exposure, and pollution are minimized through the use of Heat Shock Proteins (HSPs). HSPs reduce the damage which delays collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid synthesis. Uneven skin tone is regulated and oil-balance is significantly targeted by incorporating Vitamin B3. Ageless Activegel ensures the protection of skin by means of the antioxidant L-Carnosine which inhibits glycation, a damaging reaction leading to aging. L-Carnosine also supports homeostasis in the skin. Directions for use: Apply 1 – 2 pumps of Ageless Activegel to the entire face or specific areas of concern, directly after cleansing. Allow the Activegel to penetrate completely before continuing with further product applications May be used morning and evening. Size: 30ml