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LED Light Therapy


This 15 minute add on accelerates treatment results by 300% varying light wave lengths access targeted photo receptors to create a therapeutic response like improved blemishes, wrinkles, redness (swelling in the tissue).

It’s non ablative, non invasive and non thermal.

Contra indications:

– Any contagious diseases

– Isotretinoin (Accutane)

– Pregnancy

– Epileptic

– Chronic migraine sufferers

BT Nano


Non surgical face – lifts. Micro current that focuses on muscle re-education and accelerated ATP synthesis.

This micro current technology can be used as a once off treatment add on for heightened results or longer lasting results in a  course of treatments.


Bt Nano Lift (Add on to a skin treatment) R250
BT Nano Nano Lift ( cleanse + serum + conductive masque+ moisturiser) R380
Course of 6 Treatments (1/week for 6 weeks) Saving of R180 R2100

Delux Rejuvenation

Purchase 6+1 Free
Course of 6 Environ Hands On Vitamin Therapy with the BT Nano Lift Saving of R780 R4380 + 1 Free
Course of 6 Optiphi Peels with the Bt Nano Lift Saving of R920 R6060 + 1 Free


Eye Rescue treatments

Micro current Rejuvenation for Eyes only. Lift and Revitalize tired puffy eye area.

Intense Eye treatment only R200


Hand Rejuvenation

Reverse signs of ageing on the hands
Add –on to a Manicure R80
Glycolic Peel Arm Therapy R760
Course Of treatments R1500 + 1 Free

Acne Clearing Treatment

Micro Current increases the skins healing capabilities and also helps control break out activity whilst preventing post inflammatory scarring. An absolute must for any painful unwanted “out of control” breakouts no matter what your age!

Add On to your Acne Clearing Solution R100
Pick me up 20 min R200
Course of 6 Specialised Acne clearing treatments + Bt Nano Clearing treatment R3000 + 1 Free