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Treatment Options


Body Treatments

We perform Body Mapping. This consists of a zone–by–zone analysis of your body’s skin. Only through Body Mapping can you receive a treatment that will deliver targeted results. Body Mapping will also help outline a proper Body Therapy home care regimen to help you maintain the results of your treatment!

Pricing | 2017

Body Treatment Duration Cost
Sports massage 15 min R165
Sports massage 30 min R330
Sports massage 45 min R470
Sports massage 1 hr R540
Sports massage 1 hr 15 min R665
Sports massage 1 hr 30 min R720
Hot stone massage addon 15 min R100
Swedish massage 30 min R270
Swedish massage 45 min R390
Swedish massage 60 min R515
Back exfoliation 15 min R220
Full body exfoliation 30 min R430
Scalp massage 15 min R145


Face Treatments

We perform Face Mapping. This consists of a zone – by – zone analysis for the most targeted skin care and unsurpassed results! This treatment also inlcudes:

Dermalogica Double cleanse Exfoliation
Serums Masques
Moisturization Sun protection
Extractions PLUS a Neck and shoulder / Facial Massage.

Pricing | 2017

Face Treatment Duration Cost
Face mapping 15 min R180
Sinus drainage 15 min R145
30 min Express Face treatment 30 min R360
45 min Face treatment 45 min R496
60 min Face treatment 60 min R600
AgeSmart (Anti-Aging) Face Treatment 75min R760
LED Lights Light 30 min R600
LED Lights Ultra 45 min R787
Acne IonActive + LED 45 min R690
Pigmentation IonActive + LED 45 min R595
MediBac Clearing 60 min R665
Ultra Calming Face treatment 45 min R465
60 min Ultra Calming Face treatment 60 min R545
Optiphi Glycolic Peel (Face only) 60 min R550
Optiphi Glycolic Peel(Face, neck & decollete) 60 min R760
Environ Purifying Vitamin Therapy         75 min                                     R520
HA IonActive + LED 45 min R595
Eyebrow tint 15 min R55
Eyelash tint 15 min R73
Eyebrow and Eyelash tint 15 min R120
Micro zoning 15 min R363
Retionol IonActive + LED 45 min R690
Environ Hands on Vitamin Therapy 60 min R480


Hand and Foot Treatments

We offer two options, namely the ‘Express Manicure’ and the ‘Full House Manicure’ option.

We offer two ‘Express Pedicure’ options and a ‘Full House Pedicure’ option. All of our pedicures start at the knee and go right down to the tips of your toes.

Pricing | 2017

Hand and Foot Treatment Duration Cost
Full house manicure 1 hr R300
Express manicure 30 min R220
Nail repaint French 15 min R120
Nail repaint 15 min R100
Age Repair + LED 30 min R605
Reflex 30 min R260
Reflex 60 min R450
Nail Repaint 15 min R100
15 minute foot treatment 15 min R145
Full House Manicure+ Gel app 90 min R450
Express pedicure 30 min R250
Full house pedicure 1 hr R330
Foot exfoliation 15 min R120
Full House Pedicure + Gel app 90 min R480
Nail Prep + Gel app 45 min R380





Pricing | 2017

Waxing Duration Cost
3/4 Leg 30 min R330
Back wax (strip) 30 min R290
Back wax (hot wax) 45 min R360
Cheek wax-lower 15 min R30
Cheek wax-upper 15 min R30
Chest wax 30 min R205
Chin wax 15 min R30
Ears wax 15 min R45
Eyebrow wax 15 min R70
Forehead wax 15 min R30
Full arm incl fingers 15 min R220
Eyebrow threading 15 min R90
Full cheek wax 15 min R55
Full face wax excl nose & ears 30 min R310
Full leg wax 45 min R380
Half arm wax 15 min R100
Half back wax 30 min R215
Half leg wax 30 min R245
Lip wax 15 min R45
Male full face waxing 45 min R370
Men add on wax R180
Navel wax 15 min R30
Nose wax R30
Full Face threading 30 min R280
Stomach wax 30 min R250
Tweezing 15 min R30
Under arm wax 15 min R85

Men’s shearing for waxing

Back 15 min R198
Chest 15 min R138
Arm 15 min R138
Legs 15 min R248
Chest and Stomach 15 min R264
Stomach 15 min R154

Our Policy

Please note that certain treatments may fall in and out of our pricing policy. The initial consultation is R150.00.
Gift vouchers are available on request.

Cancellation Policy

50% secures your appointment on the first session. 24 hours cancellations notice, otherwise the treatment will be charged for in full. If there is a “no show” for your appointment, your deposit will be lost.

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