Caitlin Essers

I genuinely thought that I was pretty clued up on skin care, and truly believed that I was giving my skin as much love and care as possible, until a friend introduced me to M-E-G. My initial intention was merely a consultation to address the fact that my skin felt dry when I wore foundation, and other than that, I thought it was pretty well maintained. Shana, who’s passion for skincare shines through from the moment you meet her, looked at every millimetre of my skin and advised me accordingly – and it turns out I was far from clued up! I was pumping my skin with expensive products that I did not necessarily need, and that were not necessarily benefiting me in any way.

MEG has completely changed my skin for the better and I could visibly see an improvement after one peel! Shana has guided me through product selection, allowing me to continue with good old favourites of mine as well as use current products until they finish before replacing some with new, more suitable products; all without breaking the bank! And most importantly, introduced me to Vitamin A!!

I can’t tell you what a difference it makes, and what a breath of fresh air it is to be treated by someone who loves what they do! Thank you!